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    Is national media bringing shame and cynicism to the country

    Media is considered as an important pillar in any Democracy. It is considered the voice of voiceless and helpless people who look up to this institution when every other party shuts doors for them. Media is support for the people to raise the concerns before the government and become the identity of those who seek justice and solution to their problems. But nowadays, the national media has stooped so low that the basic problems of a common man are given least preference rather celebrities who enjoy almost all the privileges are given prominence in the news stories and tv debates. Not only this, burning issues like GDP, unemployment and farmers problems etc are almost ignored. Roarings and loud shouts in debates have become a norm for the national media. Flaunting media ethics, the national media seem much concerned for TRP than giving some space for critical issues. Barring a few, most media institutions have changed the gear from being rational to propagandists and amateur media institutions bringing shame to the nation.
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    I think because of this many have stopped watching the news channels. I am not viewing any of the news channels, be it national or local, for almost a month because all the news channels are focussing on some specific issues rather than reporting the burning problems faced by the people all over the country. I have discussed with many of my friends and they are also of the same opinion and stopped watching the news channels. For quite some time, the media is reporting in a biased manner in favour of some political party and trying to promote the ideology of politicians in place of challenging the attitude of the politicians. Rather than people-centric, the media has become the puppet of certain political forces and trying to divert attention to such reports which are neither affecting the common men nor progressive. Maybe rather than making a difference to enable the public to make the correct decision they just wish to survive anyhow in the turbulence. If this continues for long, the frustration among people will increase which in turn will give rise to more intolerant behaviour. Somehow the media forgot that they have a huge responsibility towards society. Hope they will regain their conscience to help us to progress.

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    Sankalan sir, you are right. Media has a huge responsibility towards society but are leaning more towards some political parties and ignoring the burning issues, unfortunately.

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    The legislature, the executive and the judiciary, and the fourth basis, are referred to as media. while there is no such thing legally mentioned in the Constitution. There was a time when hard work had to be done to print newspapers. For compiling the news, one had to work hard and go deep and many sources had to be used to confirm an event. But times changed and the communication revolution in the world changed the nature of media and media people. TRP many times in the news of the events of the channels of showing an incident in the competition, immediately and at the same time, the facts are left far behind. The role of the media is to bring disparities in society and systems to the governments and common people so that they can be improved. But it has been seen that somewhere the media also deviates from the direction and tries to become a judge on its own. The media should work in a fair and bold manner.
    Swati Sharma

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    True. These days media, in general, has lost its importance. Nobody is believing them. Once upon a time, the common man used to think this media is there and it will take care of their problems. Really, those days media is doing that work very rightly. They were the voices of common men. But over a period of time, the media also has become biased and divided into groups based on their political affiliations. They always try their TRP. Many of the national channels are acting as agents to some foreign countries and they are making money.
    In fact, there is no way for a common man to raise his voice. No media will take up the problems of the common man. 24 X 7 news channels are of no use and they always go for discussions on unwanted issues. No useful work is done. I don't know when there will be a change in the present situation.
    The main reason for this present situation is that majority of the channels are belonging to the political leaders and they support their party. This is making the situation very bad.

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    Very rightly said and I am also closely watching each media whether local or national their shift to TRP increasing news has gone up but not bothered about discussing on Covid spread, GDP, Farmers stir and the government voice for the farmers etc. Such is the steepness of some media that they are not carrying the important statement on video made by the PM Modi at UNGA and the local Telugu channel preferred to discuss the IPL and other national media except a channel. That means even the PM urge at the International level is not important to the media and they are discussing the same one matter for the past 80 days and it has become bore for the elders as they want to have the access to other news but they are forced to watch same news in the name of new investigation development and thus we are denied the access to right news.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Every field has its own ethics whether it is medical, politics, engineering, journalism etc. If people do not honour the grace of a particular field then its prime function of that group is defeated. If a doctor cheats his patient, it is unethical. If a construction engineer builds a weak bridge, it would kill many people which is definitely a highly unethical thing. On the same lines if media is doing some wrong things to increase their TRP and earn money, then it is also in a bad taste and highly unethical. Today people have forgotten their main functional and core activity and also forgotten the motive to do things in a particular manner for the betterment of society and masses.
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