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    Good behaviour is the key element for our reputation in society

    Many people are very shrewd and treat people roughly. They feel that using their authority, position, and age, they can shout on anyone and misbehave with anyone. But these types of people are generally not liked by the masses and get a bad name in the society. Though in front of them people would not say anything to avoid the confrontation but behind them they would be criticised and slowly their reputation will go down. On the contrary, the people who behave in mannered ways and give respect to other people and put up their issues and points amicably, are liked by all and get a good standing in the area or society where they dwell. I think we should learn from such people to imbibe the same traits in our lives. What do you say?
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    A person's character is his identity. The way one behaves with the people, in the same way he is treated in society. If you respect others and amicably do the talking, you would be liked by everyone but if shrewdness overpowers you and you try to look down upon others, you not only lose respect your stature will also be affected.

    However, people with a smiling face and who always greet people and show honour for others are a well-taken society. It is important to improve one's character, and show kindness and reverance to other people in society and build your reputation. Those who are shrewd always face trouble in dealing with the day to day stuff. A very well thread raised by the member for discussion.

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    Good behavior person is the asset to the family, society, state and the nation. Why because a good person portrays the tolerance, knowledge and know how which benefits everyone around him or her and thus there would be positivity and winning situations rather going the other way. Good behavior is the hall mark character of those persons who have been nurtured well by their parental guidelines and also drawing the virtues of good living and cooperating through his career build up during the life. Good persons are always sought and consulted by the family members before taking any big decision and this proves their further responsibility towards the expectations of others. Positive vibration is created if we happen to meet some good persons because they are are selfish , self centered but work for others and their welfare.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
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    When we approach someone else, we expect them to behave well. Good conduct is one in which bad situations are presented in a good and beautiful manner. How we treat others, irrespective of the situation can make us excited or peaceful, corrupt or honest, barbaric, or civilized. Good habits are like good friends who take you in such a situation, other qualities if your behavior is good it becomes visible immediately. Being civilized does not cost anything, but it gets you something. It is beyond doubt that we all lack some or the other virtue, and that is why we praise knowledge and understand its importance. The most fundamental thing of virtues that we all do not adopt is to practice it continuously. By virtue of good behavior, you can be a good example for family members at home. This becomes even more important when you as parents develop good qualities in your child. Keep in mind that your conduct at home is good and at the same time, you will get amazing fame and prestige from outside as well.
    Swati Sharma

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    True. If somebody unnecessarily tries to show their supremacy, people may tolerate him for some time if they have any necessity to oblige him. But definitely, they will dislike them inside. The moment they feel that they don't need any help from the other person, they will start disobeying him. We also should remember that we should not treat anybody in the way we don't want to be get treated by others.
    We see many great people who never talk harshly on anybody irrespective of their position, power and other supremacies. SP Balasubrahmaniyam is a great singer. But the way he was behaving with his juniors and other singers is admirable. He never used to show that he was the seniormost singer in the industry. He used to guide the junior very nicely. That is why many singers respect him and say that they were guided by Balu in their profession. He was respected by all in the cinema industry.

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