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    When you are degrading someone and he appears in front of you ?

    Sometimes we are put into awkward position when we talk about some one mean and he appears in front of us. Though we manage the situation but the damage has already been done as the person clearly understood that your gossiping between other friend has been on him and the character has been torn apart during the discussion. Even though we seek pardon or excuse for the character assassination bid the aggrieved person would become hostile from inside. Any such occasions encountered by you?
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    Once my younger sister told me about one of her friends that although she always becomes her true friend, she does evil to people behind her back, now she does not understand whether to believe her words or not future. The truth feels very strange when you hear evil about yourself from someone else and your evil friend or colleague or family has committed this evil. Do not react without knowing the truth of things, because sometimes our small mistake separates us from the people near us. Not everyone who talks behind the back is bad, many times people talk about their mind with others due to not being able to speak freely.
    Swati Sharma

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    I have never faced such a situation. Generally, I never talk bad about anybody in their absence and it is not fair also.

    We have no right to criticise somebody. We don't know their condition and under what circumstances they behaved in that way also is not known to us. As such why we should indulge in such talks. If we see somebody doing something wrong and we know him well we can talk to him and say that it is what you felt. In many instances, I will follow your suggestion, Stop judging who is strong and who is wrong, instead be a silent performer

    If I hear somebody talking about me in that fashion also, I will not take that very seriously. I know, what I am and what is my position. So I don't waste my time taking all those waste talks into account and I just laugh at them.

    always confident

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