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    Expensive has become a matter of attraction not of concern.

    The more expensive it is, the better it is, it is not always necessary. No scale and criterion for fixing the price of the commodity has yet been made and may not even be made worldwide.

    A civilization driven by money makes the human mind money-centric with the tightness of money, as a result, the man knows, believes, and understands every activity in his life only based on money. No idea other than money stays in the mind. With this, we are developing an understanding that nothing is more valuable than money.

    People do not have trouble with expensive but cheap. We have come forward and become part of an expensive life. Education and healthcare are becoming more expensive by the day.

    We have started to consider expensive to increase our status instead of waste, only then expensive has become a matter of attraction, not of our discussion and concern. The craving to get expensive remains constant in humans but does not dare to deny it. This is an open reality of the new era.
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    This is more in today's youth. The evaluate the product by the cost. If a product is available for a lesser price they think that the product is of not good quality.
    But it is not correct. Manufacturing cost of the product may be the same for the product of different companies. But the other costs will vary based on the size of the company and the overheads of the company. A small scale industry will have fewer overheads than an MNC. So we may get a product produced by a local Small Scale industry for a less price than the same product produced by an MNC. But if we see the performance of the product they may be on par. So we need not go by the cost. Some companies spent more money on packing to make their packing attractive. But this will not contribute anything towards performance.

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    People are gone mad as they prefer expensive items when the same can be had at the affordable rates. For example the daily use textiles and hosiery are available in whole sale rates and very good designs can be chosen from the lots instead people buy from the online falling to the presentation of the product through images but never felt by touching and feeling. However on order we feel the product so nice and when it was delivered we feel sorry for the quality and might even return to the online seller. Whereas when you go to the whole sale shop even the assorted pieces were good to be purchased and thus value for the money is realized. Even in groceries some go to the branded super market and they charge extra for the sorting and packing and the same is available with the neighborhood kirana shop at the reasonable rates.
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    It is not necessary that a costly item will provide you satisfactory performance always. Though the costly items are generated by some branded companies and the selling will be higher trend owing to the infatuation of brands. However there are certain number of consumers who would consider a number of parameters before purchasing a product such as the certificate of quality assurance of the product, customer's review, ease of use of products etc. An item may be cheaper but in terms of quality, they are in no way inferior for the use of the same for the longer duration. Hence the customers should be prudent to examine a product in the different angles before it is finalised to procure the same.

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    Many people are crazy for expensive items as they feel that they would increase their reputation and status in the society and their own friend circle. This is a completely wrong perception and I pity such people who depend so much on money value.
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    This is an very relevant post RELATED to current life. People are going crazy like hell after expensive products. Many people switch jobs and change location of residence or workplace to increase power, money and status. They attend parties even if they had an hectic schedule day simply to boost social life. They pretend to be very happy and boisterous and emphasis more on luxury life. They share information about the products they bring at home which are so expensive and unique. And they praise highly about those products. They don't talk much about their personal life. But, they only limit themselves to the luxurious lifestyle. This is pathetic and it's very very dangerous in the long run for the overall development of the person. People must socialize to share true happiness and prosperity and grief. Materialistic world lasts only for a short time. Running after materialistic products and pretending to be happy after spending hard earned money would be tremendous torture to mental health and wellness.
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