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    Advertisements have such a huge impact that we believe what they market.

    Marketing companies come up with such impressive and creative advertisements that we start to believe in th products and services they sell or market.

    Most of the adverts are made with emotional touch that capture our attention and have a deep impact on us and we buy the product just because of the advert.
    Many adverts are always claimed to have scientific data and research associated with them and again it is about gaining our trust to buy the product advertised.

    But I really doubt these research and emotional traps as I think that except few none of the products are based on any research or proofs but just an impressive way of presentation to gain public attention and increase sale of products and services.

    For example, Adverts of Horlicks, they claim that those drinking Horlicks powder have better growth than other health drink powder. Advertisement of Lizol disinfectant, if you use this to clean your floor them only 99.99% germs will be killed or else you will keep running to doctors and hospital.

    These claims make a huge impact on a gullible mind and in turn make that person a loyal/fooled customer.

    We are fed with such powerful advertisement day and night and made to shell out more and more money in belief that we are getting the best of product and service but in reality we are fooled into paying money for a normal product that is not worth the price.
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    Yes, Advertisements bring a huge impact on what people buy for their use. Some products get biggest reach among people due to this even though they are not worth that much. They actually showcase the ads with some real life problems of customers and claim they have a solution for that. Consumers have to be careful in what they buy after seeing ads like this. It is always a good idea to check with people who bought it already and whether it worked as claimed by the company.

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    Advertisements will have a large impact on consumers. Yes. The advertisers do a lot of research before they create their advertisement. This research is not on the truth of the statements but the psychology of the consumer. They design in such a way that their advertisement will catch the attention of the consumer. In this process, they exaggerate the facts and show them in a very big way. Consumers went for the product by seeing the advertisements.
    An advertisement will help in getting a new customer. But to sustain a customer, the quality of the product is very important. An advertisement-supported by the quality of the product will make a customer, a reliable customer.
    The cost of the advertisement will also be paid for by the customer only. A product cost will go up due to the cost involved in the advertisement. These days the manufacturing cost of a product is less but the cost of the advertisement is more. That is why the product rates are becoming very high.

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    Now a days the creativity of ads has increased impressively since much has to be shown within 20 seconds of ad and that should be creative, understandable with the target audience. The ad that is shown for Boost drink when a boy practices the bowling aiming the body and head of Virat Kohli to prove his urge to make him out. And there appears the cricketer himself and ask the boy to bowl. Though the wicket is not taken , Virat has to bend for the ball and hits the wicket. Though the ad was very short and with a catchy jingle, the highlight is the appearance of the cricketer himself. Such ads are always liked by the children and impress upon the parents to have that drink. Like wise a paint ad which is now supporting the CSK team has created a color canvas with a mascot of the paint and thus looks more creative.
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    The problem with many of us is we do not verify what is said or published in the advertisements. In some advertisements, it is shown that certain ingredients help to increase certain aspects of our health and we rarely verify what those ingredients really are and whether they are at all required for our body. When it comes to verifying things, even there are many people who do not check the validity period of packaged food items while purchasing them. If a brand becomes popular then we tend to believe those brands even more because of the goodwill the brands earned. The psychological factor comes into effect and we think that since many are purchasing the product it must be good. Advertisers are also aware of our choices by collecting data at random through various surveys. Based on the results of the surveys they create advertisements to make a good impact on us. Some real-life situations are shown in the advertisements to claim that by using the product such situations can be completely avoided. Advertisers cannot be blamed in the sense they are just showing us the things that we like and prefer to associate with. After viewing the advertisements a bit of background verification will help us to make an informed choice.

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    Many companies have similar and comparable products but it is seen that one which does aggressive marketing wins in this game. Though they spend a lot of money in advertising but they get it back soon through enhanced sales.
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