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    To enhance wisdom visit them

    Many of us may be highly educated and even be studying more in our life as the knowledge acquiring is the unending process to which everyone is addicted. But owing to our paucity of time and money we continue the study to certain extent and stop the same. But to acquire the wisdom we must be in constant touch with those who have the ability to convert their knowledge to the wisdom and that particular training cannot be taken from many and thus we have to look out for those who can enhance our knowledge and be with them to expand our wisdom.

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    Being in contact with intelligent people leads to wisdom because intelligent people know what to do but what not to do, they know very well and the scope of such people to go astray is negligible. These people have the purpose of asking the question, what and how much the front knows, and how much they can know. Whereas ordinary people have the purpose of asking the question, what a person in front not know. Wise people also find possibilities in their failures, live life very easily. While most people consider life to be just a challenge. Wise people do acts of kindness in their lives without any expectations When you are kind, self-confidence comes automatically. Keeping your mind and manner of behavior already restrained. One can incorporate wisdom quality in itself.

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    Yes. It is always good to contact people who have wisdom and can guide us when there is a need. But if we have the wisdom of thinking properly and understanding issues properly, we will be the best persons to come to the best solution. But before finalising the decisions we can contact somebody and take their advice also but the final call is to be taken by us only. I always feel that it is the best way. When we are in some difficult situation and if we are not able to utilise our brains properly, the best way is to contact somebody we can help us and guide us in the correct direction using their wisdom.
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    It is said that very few people are wise in this world though many of them are knowledgeable to a good extent. I fully agree that to attain wisdom we must search a good Guru who can guide us properly.
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    Wisdom goes beyond intelligence and just being with the right people or intelligent people may enhance our intelligence but attaining wisdom can still be a far-fetched dream. Having intelligence can help us gain good knowledge and understanding but having wisdom is more about experience and realization.
    A person with wisdom can guide us in many ways which an intelligent person cannot. An intelligent person may have the subject knowledge but a person with wisdom has life knowledge.

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    Gaining wisdom is a consistent process which is never-ending. A person with wisdom is capable of making his dreams come true by engaging and entrusting the right route map, guiding the right path of knowledge-making his subordinates contented. This correlates individuals to move ahead positively in future accomplishments and commitments of their career lives supporting personally too. As
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    This is an very relevant post related in terms of education, time and money. We start our career plans with education. Without education, a good career is impossible. Proper course, time devotion to studies and developing interest for that particular course is very much important. We cannot be successful only by scoring marks simply by rote learning. We have to understand the concept, theories and indulge ourselves in the practical world with the application of the particular course. There are many course which take a lot of time to finish and depending upon the course done or pursued, we get the eligible job as per our dream job or plan. Many choose alternative paths because of various reasons. Many stop their education in mid-way and start looking for jobs or other means of livelihood because of personal reasons or due to various limitations which doesn't allow for futher education. It all depends upon the needs and wants of the particular person. All we can do is hope best for others and also for ourselves and make the best out of whatever we have PRESENTLY.
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