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    Sparkling new badges!

    We are excited to announce that our Badge feature is now sparkling new! We have changed some of the badge labels and colours, increased the validity of them, and put in new text as well to convey what the badge represents. We have also introduced a new badge (Super Participant) and removed two (Helper and Proficient Writer badges).

    The 10 Badges are-
    1. Creative Mind
    This badge is awarded to ISC members with creative concepts in various sections, be it a forum activity or a unique article.
    Validity: 60 days.

    2. Doctor
    This badge is given to the medical doctors of ISC.
    Validity: 1000 days.

    3. Outstanding Guide
    This badge is given to ISC members who guide others, but not just new members. They also provide appropriate instructions and diplomatic guidance to senior members from time to time.
    Validity: 365 days.

    4. Power Debater
    This badge is awarded to ISC members with good debating skills and not just for participating in an active GD. They should have a willingness to listen to the opponents and present their own ideas with proper supporting evidence. Good debaters should not be aggressive in stamping down on their opponents to win the debate, but, instead, should present their points with decent language and convincing skills.
    Validity: 90 days.

    5. Spammer
    This badge is given to those ISC members who post spam content in one or more sections of ISC.
    Validity: 60 days.

    6. Sportsman
    This badge is awarded to the real sports persons in IndiaStudyChannel who is sharing their invaluable knowledge across various sections in the site.
    Validity: 100 days.

    7. Super Contributor
    This badge is presented to active members of ISC who regularly contribute content in various sections. This badge can be given for good contributors to individual sections as well.
    Validity: 90 days.

    8. Super Participant
    This badge is awarded to ISC members who participate in a majority of various types of contests and activities, whether official or something organized by a member.
    Validity: 90 days.

    9. Talented Writer
    This badge is awarded to ISC members who have got very good writing skills, but not necessarily only for the article section. This badge can also be awarded to members who put up forum threads, participate in forum discussions or give an Ask Expert answer with good English, sound grammar and appropriate vocabulary.
    Validity: 365 days.

    10. Teacher
    A teacher by Profession.
    Validity: 1000 days.

    We will award the badges from 1st October onwards so that the validity will be applicable from that date and not somewhere in the middle of the month. Assigned badge editors will issue the badges and will also have the responsbility to check every two to three months which badge's validity is over and may be re-assigned if the member is eligible as well as issuing badges for more eligible members.
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    The new set of ISC badges have been announced in this thread. The badge labels have been uploaded on the profile page of the respective members.

    It is requested that those members who are Teachers or Doctors by profession may please update the same on your profile page with details or send a message via PM so that we can include them in the next phase of the announcement.


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    Indeed, very pleased with the announcement of badges after many years. It would be appropriate if the badge has some value . It should not be a mere badge, but should have some value. It would be appropriate if the badges are awarded with some cash awards. The cash award can be Rs. 25/- to hold the badge for a few days.

    I sincerely hope that ISC admin will consider my suggestion for Cash Award to the Badge winners.

    A teacher or doctor will always remain as teacher and doctor permanently. But others would vary time to time and will remain as temporary badge holders only. Such a temporary winners should receive cash incentives.

    No life without Sun

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