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    There is nothing like perfection or idealism in this world

    Everyone strives for perfection or to become an ideal role model. There is nothing wrong in doing that but practically speaking we can only inch towards that goal and can never achieve it as there is nothing like the absolute perfection and idealism. It is not possible. In our lives certain times come when we just push aside our theories, principles, character, and many such attributes and indulge in malpractices. Many people have said time and again that corruption is rampant in our country. It means some people are doing it and if it is rampant then certainly many people are doing it. So in no way they can be called perfect or ideal. Then, many crimes are happening day and night, women are not safe anywhere, cheats and frauds are strolling here and there and they are also not the ideal ones. Teachers are doing tuitions and preachers are exploiting the people on the name of religion. Politicians are exploiting the voters and shopkeepers are adulterating the food items. Are they ideal? Then who is the ideal and perfect in this world? Please share your views.
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    In the name of their own business and profession people do indulge in making money and that is for their survival and we should not read between the lines. Since the cost of living is also increasing day by day coping up with mere income, the families are struggling hard to have alternate source and thus they use of their knowledge and know how and get into the business tactic though their intentions were not to milk income from some one by default. If the teacher is telling tuition and earning extra money means, she is helping out the weak students who are not cared at the class room. If the preachers are exploiting the people because they know the weakness and thus get benefited. If the politicians are exploiting the voters because voters not grown up to understand their double standard. And if shopkeepers are cheating us because we are not questioning them.
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    Yes. No one is 100% perfect and no one is ideal. Some may be very near to perfectness and idealism and some may be far. That is the difference. Some people may not take bribes and some people take bribes. Some people may not take bribes but they may aspect gifts. Like this, there will be a difference in the degree.
    In physics, we read about Ideal gas and no gas in this universe is an ideal gas in normal conditions. We all know this. The same rule will be applicable to our lives also. We may try to do the work to be the best of our abilities and that may be near to perfect but never be perfect. No one knows what is 100% perfection. Always there will be something to improve upon. What we are thinking about today as the best may not be the best tomorrow. Another person may come out with another performance which may be better than what we thought yesterday as perfect.

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    What is mentioned in the thread, especially the corrupt practices and the crimes are detrimental to society and those who are indulging in such things also know that they are not doing the right thing. If they are asked why they are doing such things, I guess some may answer that when many are indulging in such things why not them? The term perfect or ideal is there in the book only. Remember the definitions/explanations of many theories where it was specifically mentioned that such results can be achieved only under ideal conditions and it is almost impossible to create those conditions? A crime is a crime that cannot be termed ideal in any way but the individual must decide whether to indulge in corrupt practices or not. It depends on the individual whom she/he thinks the ideal person. If the ideal person to that individual is someone who readily indulges in malpractices then it can be said that the individual will also think in that way because to her/him the ideal person is corrupt. Rather than finding the perfect/ideal person, I think we mostly consider someone as the ideal and try to follow that ideal person.

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    The concept of 100% perfect and 100% ideal is a theoretical benchmark which is made so that people can strive towards it. It is an aim that is to kept in mind while dealing in this world. We might never achieve it but our inclination towards it or inching towards it is itself a big thing and if we can develop that attitude the society would progress faster. People should be simply conscious of the fact that we must improve in our lives by dissociating with bad things and imbibing good things and that itself is a perfect and ideal situation and would benefit the society much.
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