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    Innuendos and sarcastic remarks are disliked by people

    Some people make sarcastic remarks or make a taunt on others without thinking its implication. These things hurt a person and he would never like or respect one who is making them. If we want to correct a person or want that improvement should be achieved in his performance then making sarcastic remarks would simply provoke him to rebel and revolt against our authority and then we would be in a tight corner. Sarcasm and innuendos will only ruin the situation. So, it is said that one should use a graceful and gentle language when one wants to educate or teach the other person something that he or she is doing in a wrong way. This is very important to follow in all the situations whether it is one's family, the society, or the workplace. What do the members think about this?
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    A humble-minded person is able to ascertain the best from his subordinates, family and society too. One person can never achieve a goal until and unless he gets support. If he or she has a social behaviour and can read the hearts than the minds, has good communicative skills can achieve his targets within a short span of time. Expressing a person's mistake giving the practical example will have clarity and the learner will try to evade from such acts in future. This leads to a bond between them this helping each other at the need of the hour.
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    Indeed, a wise man would definitely use gentle words in meaningful context. Sometimes, it's not at all possible to be gentle and soft and we are impelled to use strong words to make an emphasis over a particular point or context. Usage of strong language in the right direction without abusing or provoking the person is a master talent. Communication is a skill which has to be mastered with time and practice. We have to understand before we speak. That is why, it's often said that think before you speak up. Think atleast for 2 seconds and response in an spontaneous manner. There are many people who are shy, reticient and many are with deformities and hence there are people who make fun of these kind of people and mock them. There are some people who encourage and support and have an positive opinion about these kind of people. It's very wrong to make fun of people. In life, 1% is the situation or the circumstance but 99% is the people's reactions depending upon the circumstances. This is very deep quotation. People have to be positive towards the circumstances or any problem because very often many people get mistaken that whatever consequences they are facing is because of the problem. But, on a broader perspective we come to an understanding that the problem is not the problem. The main problem is the people's reactions which if pessimistic can arise many more problem but if the reaction is positive then people can get saved from many unwanted problems.
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    If the taunts and criticism are reasonable and that really points out the mistakes then it must be welcomed with the whole heart and there is no second thoughts about it. And those who criticize are the persons who likes us much because they want to see a sea change in the attitude and behavior. But there are people who pretend to be well wishers from outside but have the grudge on our progress from inside. These people taunts cannot be tolerated because their intentions is to malign you. If they want to correct you , they can tell the same with one to one meeting but they try to tarnish the image by telling in your mistakes to those who also happens to be your enemy by nature and default. So it is better to keep away from such persons or take their particular remarks to the heart and correct yourself before they say other remark.
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    You cannot correct the errant person with the sarcastic remarks or taunts using such an attitude would further deteriorate the situation. Agreed, not all the people with whom we are meeting are proficient enough in conversation. However, we can see many such people telling you at length regarding your drawbacks/ flaws but with a milder tone. Their conversations would not hurt you since they know to what extent they should talk and where to stop. They are the kind of people taking care of their languages prior to utterance. The most important part in their utterance is that they speak in full length but not hurting the listener due to the employment of magical words.

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    If we want somebody to get corrected we should try to explain to him the mistakes committed by him and then we should teach them how he has to do it. This is mentoring and we need not feel bad to show his mistakes. But we should not shout on him or we should not use bad words. We should use normal words and tell him, Then the other person will receive them properly and he will respect us also.
    Instead of that if we use a different language we will never get the respect and the other person may start ignoring us. The conversation should be in such a way that the other person should understand that you are genuine and you really wanted his betterment. Instead of that if we use abusive language it speaks about our mentality and people will never give value to our words. Try to be gentle and never use sarcastic words.

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