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    Human touch versus virtual world

    Corona has forced us to maintain distance. We in the real world are as good as being in the virtual world. Have you thought how this forced situation is affecting our relationships, between members of the family, among friends and all the more the teacher-student relationship? Let us discuss the present and the effect this transformation may have on our future interactions.

    Education system has been severely transformed from the chalk and duster mode to online mode. Students and teachers no longer can connect in the same authentic manner as they used to get connected prior to the advent of the pandemic. The pandemic has seriously brought about a huge change in human interaction. Distance has even made communication difficult with full authenicity. Teacher's nowadays conduct online classes and student's speak over microphone attached to the earphones or on speaker's to communicate with the teacher's to clarify doubts. Teacher's find strange to teach on online mode as they miss the human experience. They experience as if they are talking to a mirror rather than teaching to student's. Its high time to get adapted to every available means to sustain our daily lives but it seems impossible to fully adapt to the virtual world. The virtual world seems modern and fashionable and also in trend but with it comes a huge number of limitations which could only be alleviated only and only by the existence of human touch and experience.
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    With the new normal situation of changed activities in education sector, we are now facing and practicing the online education for our children which has advantages and disadvantages. Advantage in the sense, the child is in front of the parent and they can have the better idea of how the child is coping up with the education because while in school the daily feed back was not possible. However the child is not connected to the real teacher and that bonding is missing. Many children are not happy with hired tutors who are telling the lessons instead of the original teachers because the schools are not able to give full salary or paying half salaries to which many teacher left the job. In this situation the education is gone for the beating and if the parent happens to be working woman and has to visit the work place then giving online education to the child is impossible.
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    It is the need of the hour to use virtual mode for teaching and learning process due to corona pandemic. The point is also clear these things can't take the place of the traditional mode of teaching. But then there is one more point to it that this age is technology-driven and people like using new technology to experience the new methods and models in life. Yes, there are problems that people face while switching to the virtual mode but this is a need to continue the teaching-learning process. Currently, we have no other option due to covid19 crises but to continue with the online learning method.

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    As we all know that education is a tripolar process according to John Dewey. As well as communication is the heart of education. On the other hand communication itself is a bipolar process which includes response and feedback. In absence of feedback the communication is called transportation of informations i.e. communication is called instruction that's why I can say that in virtual mode of education we are using instructions there is lack of communication. Now some intelligent persons will argue that we can talk with about teachers through online mode also but I will tell them that communication is not only a lingual process but also it includes the feelings and expressions of student and teacher.
    According to Benjamin Samuel Bloom there are three type objectives of education
    1) cognitive domain
    2) affective domain
    3) psychomotor domain
    We can achieve only and only cognitive objectives through online mode.
    (It is my personal opinion you may be agree with me or not)

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    Before Pandemic also many people are getting glued to their mobiles or laptops and they are not even talking to their family members. Those days people were feeling that everything is there with the mobile-only and they were living in the virtual world only. But those days educational institutes were functioning normal and people are going out for something or other they are seeing the people.
    But with the CIVID 19 spreading its wings around the globe, as mentioned by the author, the teacher-student relations are also becoming through virtual media and no human touch. But it has become the necessity and there is no other way. Many people are feeling the difference and all are thinking that their lives are becoming monotonous.
    Now people understood the importance of human touch and how they are missing that. This is one positive outcome from this pandemic and people will not restrict themselves to their mobiles and try to reach out people once this pandemic is over.

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    Human touch is essential for any relationship but the present situation is forcing us to keep a safe distance from each other and that's why this human touch is missing everywhere. The role of the teachers is not only to teach students and make them understand the topics in an easy way but also to show the way to reach their goal. A teacher helps the students to progress further in terms of academic growth and towards managing various situations in their lives. To make this happen, face-to-face communication and a certain period of proximity are essential. In the virtual world, this is not possible and overdependence on the virtual medium can make people somehow mechanical. Nobody knows when the situation will be back to normal and all are eagerly waiting to meet each other.

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    In the virtual, world we can achieve education and many other things but it is not a replacement of human touch and caring that we feel in the real physical world. So definitely a big difference is there and we are missing the vital human love and compassion in online. In fact online is a robotic world where everything is mechanical devoid of human sentiments. The threat of the mankind becoming like machines in the near future is hovering on our heads in this race for online activities, of course which have been lately fuelled much by the ongoing corona pandemic.
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