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    Normal walk, brisk walking or light jogging. Which one is good?

    In morning we could see many people walking on road side, garden or even on the long road bridges and those who are near the sea shore, they would take the stroll on the beach side. But what is better to have the best result should we make normal walk for the long distance, should we make brisk walking to a shorter distance or should we do light jogging at the place itself. There may be different advantages for every one doing these exercises and what is your advice on this matter. Do you walk , or jog ?
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    That depends on the age of the individual. A young man can go for a jogging and a middle-aged person can go for a brisk walk and a retired person can go for a normal walk. Retired people should not try for jogging. If he has some stamina he can try brisk walking. But if he tries for jogging it will lead to some other problems.
    The author aspect is the general health of the candidate. If a young man can do jogging for 15 minutes or he can go running for 30 minutes or he can go for a 1-hour walk. But he need not think of jogging for one hour. The duration is to be decided by the individual.

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    The exertion of the body is important and how it suits us either walk, brisk walking or jogging.
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    All the best according to the age, body size, necessity. But I am dead against to use mobile phone or talking with co walking persons during walking as many people doing like this. Simply speaking a friend of mine told me casually when I was rounding Navagraha in Temple not to hold the dhoti tip as my entire attention would fall on that and no attention towards the God. Though this advise came to me from much younger to me, it has value. Similarly people should not skip or ignore walking on any account, once the necessity crosses him.

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