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    It takes a specific amount of time to develop a habit but nothing mentioned to leave a habit.

    Various research and studies have been carried which tells us that it takes 21 days to develop or inculcate a habit but there is no specific time frame mentioned when one wants to leave a habit.

    If we continue to do a particular thing regularly for 21 days, then that thing or work will become our habit or part of our routine but the same does not apply to leaving any habit we are used to. For example, I am in habit of drinking tea in the morning and evening without fail and have tried to limit it to one time but have failed every time.

    I used to think that the same time frame will be applicable to leave a habit as it takes to form a habit, but that's not true. What experience members have regarding leaving a habit?
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    True. Habits die hard. Making habits is easy but leaving them is very difficult. One of my friends used to make a resolution on every January 1st, that he will stop smoking from that day. This year also he made the same resolution and I think it is 20th or 21st time for him to make his resolution. So we can't discontinue our habits very easily. That is why we should be careful before getting into a habit. We should control ourselves to see that we will not get into unwanted habits. Once you habituated to certain things, discontinuing them is a really Herculean task.
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    It is the fact that we take a time to create a regular habit and when it is presumed that the habit is bad and has to be discontinued then also it takes time. Many doctors and other advisers appeal for the chain smokers and boozers to get rid of the habit immediately as it is telling upon their health. But in reality no one can get rid of the regular habits that easily and therefore it takes time and also the will power to shun the habits. And we cannot force a person by with conditional locking him in the room to get rid of bad habits and in that case he would become determined to pursue the same once let off. A chain smoker can be asked to reduce the cigarettes on daily basis and not to leave the smoking at a time. Likewise the boozers must be persuaded to have small quantity and then leave the habit for total in few days.
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