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    Let us revise all CSR policies now

    The cost of getting the finally approved COVIDF-19 vaccine to every Indian is expected to cost a neat Rs.,80000 crores. The Government has to freeze all non-essential expenditure and act very fast. The funds available in PM Cares fund may not be totally sufficient. Hence, we need out of the box solutions.

    For instance, we can create a super-duper NRI Fund, where funds mobilized through approved bank channels will result in total exception of income tax for family members, who will be paying income tax. For example, if my brother who lives and works in USA contributes, lakh to the cause, the same Rs.1 lakh will be totally exempt from my tax and my wife's total income tax. Which means, the amount will act as an incentive to the family to contribute. Or alternatively, the entire amount can be set off against tax payable by the particular NRI for purchase of gold or real estate or whatever, provided the proper documentation is done.

    Secondly, profitable companies can be motivated to contribute upto six percent of their turnover and the total amount should be exempt from all taxes. Any individual who makes a contribution of Rs. one to five lakhs or even ten lakhs (the IIT and IIM/ISB guys with five years of experience earn salaries of over one crore in many cases), should be allowed total income tax deduction for only this year. And of course, the Govt of India should go after the corrupt Ministers in States like Tamil Nadu( the worst corrupted State in India today) to unearth all the black money and make use of it for funding the cause. Please do note that all ministers combined have black money and property in benami names in Tamil nadu and most parts of other States as well, and the amount is in the region of Rs.1,50,000 crores. All this is in the public domain.

    Let the Government of India take drastic action and revise all CSR policies. Right now.
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    The amount is highly exaggerated by the authorities. It is said that we can get the vaccine for Rs. 120/-. It is affordable by a common man. Let us first see the vaccine coming out to the public for distribution. Even we can spare Rs. 1000/- Every rich and ultra rich should sponsor for the poor to get the vaccine. It is possible, and it will be done. As an individual, I am ready to spare Rs. 10000/- for this good cause from my own fund to help the poor who cannot afford to get the vaccine.

    If government comes up with a new fund called COVID-19 Vaccine Fund, I am sure it can collect the required amount from the public. It would be a huge fund.

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    The companies are already paying some amount as CSR and there is nothing wrong in asking them to pay more. But we should see that they will be able to sustain. Many companies will make profits of around 6 to 10% of the turnover only. If we ask them to pay 6% of the turn over as CSR, they may not be left with any profit and as such, they may not have an interest in running their industry. So the percentage should be reasonable.
    The amount mentioned is very high I feel. But the government has to mobilise funds somehow and see that the vaccine will be available to all the people so that we will have a corona free society.

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    It is the fact that a whooping 80,000 crore would be incurred in producing and distribution of the vaccines for India and abroad and there has been feelers from the Milinda Gates foundation that they would liberally fund the project and as suggested by the author the government of India must brace up and mobilize more funds soliciting public donations through banks and also NRI's should come forward to donate liberally for the great cause. As India is likely to be the first country to make the vaccines, even the capacity to produce more for the other countries are to be explored and thus big philanthropists must be approached to help India to get over this huge amount requirement and if needed the government of India should stop wasteful expenditures of politicians for the elections and instead they should donate to the cause.
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    At the present moment, we are not in a position to ascertain the the real cost involved for such a vaccine. However, the amount suggested by the author seems to be a whopping amount. Keeping in view of its spread, there is no other way but to provide this vaccination to each common man of the country without bothering the cost involved in implementation of this programme.
    We do have a lot of companies in India who will shell large chunk of money in the form of donation for the good cause. Our own government should come forward with the formation of COVID fund encouraging the people to donate liberally for promoting the vaccine issue and hope with the active cooperation of so many agencies , we will be able to cope with the situation successfully.

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    The amount of Rs 80,000/ crore mentioned by the author cannot be an exaggerated one as it was expressed by the Chief Executive Officer of Serum Institute of India Pvt. Ltd., It is the same Institute which is producing the potential vaccine against Covid-19 developed and presently under trial by the Oxford University. Purchasing, storing, distribution , and vaccination to all the people of India is going to be a big challenge. The Government has to plan for all the above operations.
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