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    Act of giving is more satisfying than act of receiving.

    Our every action is bound with some expectation of return or reward. We are also taught that we must act on things where we would gain and not lose. But, on closer observation it is found that any act of kind giving provides one with more satisfaction than achieving or receiving any reward.

    The feeling of satisfaction that one gets when he/she helps other is much bigger than our own limited feeling of receiving. We feel good when we provide some hungry person with food or clothing or donate our books to needy childrens, etc. These act have huge impact rather than the act of gaining and achieving, no matter how much we have.

    It is very wisely said that "When God provides you with money and prosperity, raise your standard of giving and not just your standard of living"
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    When God has blessed with something, we should learn to share with others. If we share with the people who are in need that will be helpful to them and they will reciprocate the same when we are in need. They need not reciprocate also, God will show us a way when we are in need. This is a fact.
    Donating to needy will have more satisfaction and their blessings will have more impact on us. These days many people understood the importance of helping others and many are coming forward. This change I have seen after the COVID19. Many people started giving money and food items to the needy. Many people are suffering and when we give them food the way they are feeling very happy,
    So let us practice helping others and see that our hand will be there on the upper side. Earn and reserve some portion always for donations to needy.

    always confident

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    On reading this post my thoughts went to a chocolate advertisement shown on television when a boy walks with his mother by eating chocolates and have few in his hands. On spotting a rag picker boy sitting at the road edge, he parts with some chocolates with that boy and feels more elated. If the receiver is given the things unexpectedly then the joy would be double on his face. That was good gesture from that boy to another boy. By helping others some gets immense satisfaction that cannot be measured and told to others. The help should be spontaneous and without asking far, and in that case the joy of receiving person can be like illuminating. What I feel that we must keep some money for charity and donations and we should target those who need our help the most and that joy of helping would far satisfying.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I read in one magazine related to this topic. Once Late Kribaananda Variar, Tamil Scholar who gives spiritual discourses and a sever devotee of Lord Muruga was offered a garland before he started discourse in one city. Since he felt uneasy to wear during the discourse, he removes the garland from his shoulder and gave the same to the nearby member. Suddenly another person came to the dais offered a big size garland to him. He immediately told in the mike, 'See, if we give to other we will get immediately bigger than that of'. A huge applause in the audience.

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    The author has rightly said that there is more happiness in giving than taking. Someone gives a feeling of generosity to a person and a generous person is always happy because he loves to make others happy. He may not be able to do much, just do some small work or spend some time with him. But what he does a little, he gets a lot in exchange for something that cannot be bought even with money. He finds true friends who give him a lot in return for his generosity. Helping the poor and needy brings self-satisfaction. Serving socially and in a selfless manner is a very pious work and the service performed in this spirit is commendable work.
    Swati Sharma

    Keep your Face to the SunShine

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