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    Ghost and monster are nothing but our fear and insecurities.

    We as human have a bunch of feelings and emotions and among those is, feeling of fear, guilt and insecurities. We usually hear some stories where people claim to have seen ghost or monster at some place or in dreams or at night. Also some places like old forts are marked haunted because many feel that the place had a sad or violent past and hence many spirits reside there which can harm humans.

    What I see is that, when such stories are spread, people listening to them form an image or opinion of the place and hence they start to believe in them, and if they happen to visit that place they even feel the presence of such entity, even if it is not there. What actually happens is that our mind which is such a powerful organ that it can manifest anything we imagine or try to create.

    These ghosts and monsters are nothing but the manifestation of our fears, guilt and insecurities which get manifested by our mind when faced with situations matching our feelings.

    What do members opine on such ghosts and monsters?
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    There is no ghost or monsters present in the world. It is the fear that we feel the ghost and monsters. Also I would say that for a single person the fear make us to feel the ghost, whereas if you move in a company, you will not feel any ghost.

    So, don't be a single. Always be in company.

    No life without Sun

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    Yes. The author is correct. I think nobody in this world has seen a ghost or monster. That feeling is a type of psychological disorder and has to get it cured by consulting a psychiatrist. But people take in a different way and go for illogical ways and means. When we are in a weak moment, these feelings will give more impact. If a person who is fearful will become more fearful by hearing this news and they will face such a situation many times.
    These issues will be more in villages and some people exploit their mental situation and try to make some money.
    As mentioned by the author, these are nothing but manifestation of fear only.,

    always confident

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    Since ghost and monsters are not seen by many it is easy to play down their presence and even criticize those who give credence to their presence . But it is the fact that even in these days some villages are haunted by the ghosts and the villagers have left the place permanently. Those who die suddenly without fulfilling their own aims and targets would haunt that house and place again and again. Those who met with accidents and succumb to death are such persons whose atma would be going round the places. We may not see them, we may not hear them, but they would be visiting the place and looking for those who think of them. That is why during a day every year we offer them all the eatables and even present to others what ever liked by the dead person as the remembrance. So we must agree to the fact that ghosts and monsters exist.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Our own actions are named as Ghosts and Monsters, I believe. There is a saying in Tamil, 'Nandrum theethum pirar thara vaaraa' which means good and bad are not the items given by others as they are based on our own actions.

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