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    Rumours will spread like wildfire

    These days we are seeing many posts on Social Media. Once it is posted, somebody will read it and forward it without thinking about the correctness of the information. Like this many people forward or share it without checking the authenticity of the information. That is why we should not take the news on social media as correct. Many of them are rumours and these rumours will spread like wildfire. The correct news will come after some time. But before that, this fake news will reach many people.

    on 25th of this month, the South Indian Legendary Singer Sri S P Balu died. Crores of people felt sorrow and they shared their grief on Social media. But yesterday one post was getting forwarded in which it was stated that MGM Hospital has not handed over the body to the family till they paid the total bill of around 5 crores. It was also mentioned that the Vice President of India arranged for payment. It is baseless and today SPB's son has to come out and post an updated saying that no such thing happened and the hospital administration was very cooperative with them.

    Why people spread rumours like this. It is not good to forward news without knowing the authenticity of it
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    Rumors would kill the real news and false is spread across with lots of ingredients added just to defame someone at the cost of the other. First of all the rumors should not be given credence at all. Secondly five crore is the huge amount which no body has ever incurred for any disease so far. Probably the rival hospitals must have started this kind of rumor and that immediately spread like a wild fire. When the family is in grief having lost their tallest personality this kind of cheap rumor would have diverted the very sadness and brought anger in their family. One thing is sure, no one can go escape from rumors as the police and cyber crime agencies are on the prowl to catch those who created such rumor and they would be dealt with firmly and on our part we need not forward any message as it comes in on social media and we must restrain at our end.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Rumours are generally baseless and sometimes totally irrelevant or exaggerated. Unfortunately, many people like rumours as they contain some spicy material and something which pleases to our ears as human nature is like that and we like unbelievable things so easily. Rumour mongers are there in every society and do a big harm to it but more harm is done by those who spread that rumour mindlessly by blind forwarding to friends and relatives to show that they are well aware of the things happening in the world. We should not forward any such news or information which looks suspicious. It is the duty of the citizens to nip in the bud such messages and block such irresponsible senders. We have no time to read the factual news and who would waste time in these rumours coming to us now and then.
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    Maybe the intention of people spreading rumours like this is to get enough attention within a short span. People spreading rumours know that it will spread very fast and may create some disturbances which will be an opportunity to divert the attention of people from important issues. Rumours may be spread to malign and harass a person. We should not forward any news posted on social media before verifying it. We all have to remember that social media platforms are not news media and it is very difficult to verify who posts the fabricated news on various social media platforms. Many people will have various motives but we need to be cautious through proper verification.

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    Rumour specialists are everywhere in the society and they remain the search of plots making the news more spicy and unbelievable. It is nothing but they are the men suffering from some psychological disorders but they can influence a lot of sections with their distorted versions of presentation. We need to ensure how far the contents are correct. The best way is to discourage the spread of such massages or at best, in case of its reflection on Facebook, What's app etc, we must indicate that the content is fake one so that readers may take precautionary measure.

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    Some people disappear after spreading rumors or misinformation and the country keeps burning in the fire of violence. Some people take advantage of their popularity to be arbitrary on the internet and it becomes their habit to hurt people's feelings. In the same way, some people behave like goons on social media and when they are asked for answers, then they justify their wrong conduct under the guise of freedom of expression.
    Swati Sharma

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