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    Be specific while talking and give details while writing

    I am totally against those who give lengthy lecture on any subject and repeat the same matters again and again. Instead one must be very specific while talking because the other person does not have the time to listen your lengthy conveying. Likewise when you write something, it must have basic details as to what, why, where, how and who and if these are not present then the content thus conveyed would be out of the mind. Therefore it is imperative to talk less on phone and be specific to the matter and give details when the information conveyed through writing.
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    The author is right. Many times people simply speak without thinking and sometimes the situation also comes, such people do not even know how much and what they have spoken on any subject. When we tell someone something by speaking, then we should only focus on the main points. While speaking, keep in mind that the subject above which you are speaking, speaks only the right and true facts about the subject, and what we are speaking about there must be some meaning of it. It is understandable to give details at the time of writing because we are trying to explain our point to the person reading it, which may not be limited in short words.
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    I have also observed people talking for long hours without a gist in their conversation. It is better to speak to the point and be clear cut in providing information too. Sometimes to make sure and establish that they are hardworking and are capable of handling things people try to add more than actual stressing the same point again and again. This leads to loss of patience but sometimes on the other end, we may have to listen in a few situations. In write-ups also we have to be precise and write to the point. This may be the main reason that the answer scripts have changed the printing formats over a period of time enabling students to think before they ink.
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    There are two things. One is conversing and the other is chatting. While we chat, we can talk anything in whatever way we like. We may repeat and talk unnecessary things that are not connected with the topic. But while conversing with others, especially with people not very close to us, we should talk on points only, and should not drag the conversation with subjects not concerning to the core point. Especially, over the phones, we should limit our conversation. The same applies for writing also.
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    We should convey what we want to convey very clearly so that there will not be any communication gap between us and the other person. The language we use should be known to both and we should try to make the issue as simple as possible. We should not use words which may not convey the meaning of what we mean.
    So I agree with the author that we should be very specific when we convey something and we should clarify the doubts of the other person if anything they raise.
    Yes. When we give anything in writing we should be very careful and we should check for the facts once or twice and if there is any doubt we should verify the available information and first we should get our doubt clarified. Then we will not be in any problem. Sometimes without knowing the information fully if we give something in writing we may land in some problems afterwards.

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