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    Wisdom is a sole property of human as is a gift to us

    Literally speaking, wisdom is the ability to know what is right or wrong, common sense. The differentiating capacity is a gift to human only.
    Wisdom includes the good behaviors that is unnecessarily arguing with seniors, unnecessarily criticising others etc.,
    We should utilize and apply this capacity in almost all times to keep up ourselves as a true human. If a dog is running over the muddy water, it is not wait and cross the same but a human usually not do like that. The differentiating capacity as gifted to us we should apply the same in the spiritual thoughts also and should differentiate bad karmas and Good karmas and should avoid bad karmas. Even bad thoughts leads us to accumulate bad karmas with which another birth is possible to us. The Human birth given to us to realize what we are, who we are etc. In no way, we should wait for moving ourselves into the spiritual path, irrespective of religion. We can select our own path.
    In Tenali Rama story, there is a part. Once son of Tenali Rama, caught hold by the palace watchmen, who were also envying Tenali Rama, for the stealing of roses in the Garden. On his way to palace, Tenali Rama seen this and the watchmen mockingly told, "Rama! We caught your son red handed. Your son is going to stand before King, we will see how you are going to save him" Tenali Raman replied in loud voice,"I dont help him, if he is good enough he will escape with him mouth (Vaayulla pillai pizhaiththukkollum)" The boy heard his father's word, and slowly ate all the roses kept in his hand. When he made stand before the king, his hands were empty. King asked for proof and since there is no proof, he got acquitted.

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    Well said. This is the unique thing that people can possess and is a sign that the person is wise and prudent. It is said that wisdom comes with age as experience is necessary to attain it. There are exceptions also as some people get it in younger age itself and that is I would say a great gift of God to them. It is also correct to say that people who behave with fellow beings properly and in a well mannered way and help the poor and live with simplicity, discipline, and grace are also wise and we can say that they have enough wisdom to lead a happy and contented life.
    Knowledge is power.

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    With the help of wisdom, one can easily find all the targeted things. A wise person is one who understands the detailed result or effect of it before doing any task and works only after that. He is truly wise. Wise people always make decisions only through wisdom. Instead of doing it, they discuss the deeds done earlier and then take a firm decision after thinking about the good and the bad. These are truly wise. Wisdom comes from experience more than age.
    Swati Sharma

    Keep your Face to the SunShine

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    A wise man is the one having less stress due to his positivity and his mind is always preoccupied with some benificial planning not for himself but his planning would cover the rest of people such as living in the village he would think of spreading education in his village. Making an effort in this direction will result in mass benifits of the village children. He may think of the poor people providing loans in the emergency through the cooperative banks for which rate of interest is affordable and this would not create any strain to them. These are some of noble works they undertake for their improvement. In that way, he gets massive support of the people apart from proper utilisation of his time.
    The wise man would never be a liability to his society and he would devise ways to upgrade entire community in addition to his own growth.

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    Acquiring wisdom is the continued process and those who are contented in their life are always happy and spread happiness in others. This kind of people are required by the society. What is the use of acquiring special knowledge and not utilizing the same for the benefit of fellow citizens. The other day I came across a video where in a person who was digging a canal for the purpose of his village as the water during the rainy season is going down the stream and no water left to his village. Having realized this he made the digging for the canal for the past 30 years and now completed to happiness of his village people who are now quenching the thirst and also having bountiful of water for other purpose. Here this person is not educated or having knowledge, but he cannot withstand the plight of the village people and therefore his actions need to be lauded.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    True. As mentioned by the author animals will not have wisdom whereas human being may have the wisdom. Wisdom is nothing but understandings the things properly and deciding the best ways to do our tasks without compromising the rules of the land and ethics.
    Cheating somebody with your wisdom may not be a correct issue. But doing the things in the best way possible is wisdom. But these days we see many people using their wisdom and trying to deceive others. People who are not so wise are getting into their trap and becoming scapegoats.
    I feel we should use our wisdom and do all good things in a proper way and should become a gentleman. Then people will appreciate your wisdom and start respecting you.

    always confident

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