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    The Ministers swear in the name of God and Consititution but wont keep

    When ever a new minister is made, the oath taking ceremony takes place and the Governor would administer the secrecy of office and service in no case the secrets should be revealed. But in reality our ministers are not keeping their promise and not keeping the expectations of the voters who elected him to power. Most of the policies and future programs are made known to his staff and supporters who get benefited from the schemes once announced and thus the public are not getting the benefit and the scheme is closed.
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    Once they step into politics, they swipe out every thing and their only motto is to accumulate wealth or at least fill the gap created for spending. They become ministers only after spending some years in politics and therefore they got experience of ignoring anything, everything. So, they are not minding about the swearing or promising etc.

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    It is like the people take an oath keeping their hand over the holy Geetha/Bible/Quran and saying "Whatever I say is truth, nothing but the truth." and they tell lie to escape/save someone. The same is done in the parliament or assembly where MPs and MLAs take oath of office. It is only a formality to follow, nothing to follow in principle.
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    I think, they never take that oath sincerely. They take it as a formality. They don't have that fear of God. They don't feel they should keep up their word. I think these days people also don't have any expectations on these leaders. That is why many voters take money from these candidates before they cast their vote. They tale from all the contestants and vote as they like. So here the role of voters is also to be thought. Once they took the money from the candidate they don't have any right to expect something from the leaders. In this entire process. the losers are the persons who go and votes without taking anything from the leaders. I feel the leaders while taking the oath may be thinking and praying God to excuse them for their act of not following the oath.
    All senior bureaucrats also will give an understanding when they get into the job. But they never take it seriously and many of them will also try to earn as much as possible. This way the whole system is on the wrong side. The change should start from the people.

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