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    Let at least 2021 be a better year for all

    One or two famous Tamil TV channels would regularly forecast something with a team of astrologers every year, on the 1st of Jan. This year, it was a grand affair and many had predicted that there will be milk and honey flowing in all directions. After COVID-19 broke out in India, there were memes ridiculing the shows and the astrologers.

    All this made us laugh. But the anguish is not lost on anyone. This year 2020, will go down in history as the worst year, for the entire world. Whethe the virus was literally manufactured and let off into the world, as some now claim, or whether it was an accidental by-product of someone eating the wild pangolin, no one will never ever know the truth. Its origin is China, which is now in the center of a storm. China is one nation that most love to hate. Or so it seems.

    Be that as it may, with just around ninety days to go, let us gear up and hope that 2021, will be the year of hope. The Government of India is hammering the middle class with continuous reduction of interest rates on deposit rates. None are ready to avail any loan, as they are already burdened with a heavy debt as on date. Nothing sells like before. All luxury sales are far below expections or even the normal. This is exactly why the economy is not improving. There is not a single scheme of the Govternment, which offers eight percent interest.

    At least when the good times start to come again and the sale of industrial products happens, let us hope that the deposit rates will go up, and the people will start buying once again. Let us hope that the jobs are back in all sectors. Let us hope for a better 2021.
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    Let us hope for the better. The predictions by many astrologers predicted mixed results in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. But the happenings are very bad. This is the worst ever year I have seen so far in my life. My father who is about 87 years old also felt the same. Generally, this is year is very bad and no positives to list ou.
    But the lessons from COVID19 should not be forgotten and we should not travel on the wrong path. Everybody understood that health is an important issue and your wealth may not give you health. We have seen the sudden demise of the great singer Balu. His money has not come to his rescue or his popularity has come to his rescue. The best medical aid given to him is also not able to save him. All should learn from this and they should understand the importance of following the precautions and keeping themselves safe.
    I wish and hope the coming year 2021 will be good to all and we will get into our normal way of life.

    always confident

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    Hope is the only light in the dark and it is a positive sign that we all are looking towards 2021 as the year of revival. There are about 95 days left for 2021 and that is a small time to hope for the revival but even if there are signs of something in positive direction that is sufficient to cheer us. The economy might boom and industries might look up but the unfortunate part is as per the basic economics if such things happen the bank rates for loan as well as deposits would tumble as had been witnessed in the advanced countries. Progress has its own cost and the most affected in that case would be the people who are passing their days only based on bank FDs. I remember during 1992-95 some banks were giving interest on FDs as high as 13 to 14 % which then slowly plummeted to lower levels.
    Knowledge is power.

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