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    The manager is the one who manages

    Is there anything new in it? Not really, because a manager has to manage things in various situations. You will find many graduates making a beeline to study management for a prospective career but you will also find many who have studied management but unable to manage situations in real life. Their capability of management is limited only in a specific circle and they cannot go beyond that. Let me give you an example. I know a man who efficiently manages situations whether in his locality or an unknown location in the same way and interestingly he has not studied management. He is famous because of this very reason in his locality and people ask for his suggestions when in trouble. A young fellow, a good manager and a student of management asked him the other day how he is so efficient in managing things that the renowned managers in his organization failed to do? His curt reply was "You have to manage and then only you will learn how to manage. Just studying how to manage will not help much".

    The 'manager' was right I think.
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    The most important quality for a manager is how he manages positions and people. Management is used for all physical and human resources, this brings effectiveness in management. But for the art of management to be taught in the same subject, it is not mandatory because managing is an art that comes not from learning only but from the understanding of the person and he is always in touch with the changing environment. All the activities of human society whether they are economic, social, political, religious, or educational, management makes an important contribution to the running of all of them. In today's commercial and industrial era, management is considered a vital element.
    Swati Sharma

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    The real-life experiences faced by a person are his real assets adding value to his education. A person educates himself in various streams but just fits in best in one or two categories. To get this particular field, one has to really understand about oneself deeply with what he is good at. Each individual has that special knowledge within himself gained from his childhood along with his basic education.

    The knowledge acquired through books is to understand the route maps or procedures but it is not the same in reality. Gold glitters and is given more value in the form of an ornament similarly humans should undergo the problems, face situations to fall in pace with the managerial abilities.

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    Management intelligence will not come by reading books and getting degrees. But the ability to manage will come to you when you are forced to manage a situation. Initially, you may feel difficult. But if you can withstand that initial imbalance, you can manage the situation.
    It is a skill I think. We should know the persons and the task. Then we can easily manage the task. If you are not aware of the people and their mentality, it will be a difficult task to manage them. To manage and become the manager is the right approach.
    Sometimes when we face some situations our intuition helps and we will manage the situation very well. 2 or 3 times we face such situation we will get accustomed to managing the things and we will be successful managers.

    always confident

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    When management degrees were not there then also people were managing and there are examples of the best managers pertaining to that era. So, just by getting a management degree does not provide us a matter of confirmation that the individual would be able to manage. So, who can mange? In general any person who knows the psychology of the wants of other people and their requirement in details can tackle them in the desired ways hammering on those on which the happiness or contentment of those people depend. A good manager will showcase an exemplary character to its subordinates who would impress with his knowledge, way of working, and of course kindness to people. But it does not mean that he would be weak when it concerns to discipline and hard work. If an employee escapes from work the good manager would be ruthless. Good manager should know the stick and carrot policy.
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    Management of a task would require a lot of skills. Basically you should identify the nature of the job being undertaken and you should be familiar with all the complexities involved there in and the other part is the human resources. An efficient manager knows whom to put and when to put so as to get the entire task done as per the target of the company.
    Management degree from a top class Schools of Management would dwell on the entire course with some theoretical technique and those lessions are to employed in the practical domain. Though such coverage may be applied to some extent but in the industrial culture, the working experience of the Manager would be far far advantageous.
    There were many experienced Managers In Tisco not having the Engineering degrees in Metallurgy but they could estimate the process of completion of hot metals in Blast Furnace by observing the colour of the hot metal and they successfully drained out the metal from the furnace. They had not the management degree either.

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    A successful manager is one who knows all the skills and idea of working abilities of all the staff working under him and he must be able to take them along all through the day and even beyond. A manager should not be stubborn, he must be open to the new ideas even given by the new employee which can ease out the work and yet get name and fame to the organization. A best manager is one who is amicable and not authoritative in the sense, he must be able to get the work done instead of keep the work pending through his coercive methods. Good managers always cooperate with the best employees because they not only work decisively and also help other employees and in that case the manager should be more understandable with them and give all the facilities sought by them. And above all the adjustments is the hall mark of a good manager.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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