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    How do some people keep smiling all the time?

    Association with people who are balanced and have a cool approach can strengthen you with positive energy. Connecting with such people can help you to remain poised and calm. Do you have such friends or acquaintances? Share your positive thoughts in this thread.

    We get to see them almost everyday. They keep smiling every single day. They do not bother too much about what happens around them. If a situation demands that they should do cost cutting in their families, they take it cool. They involve their family members to get it done. They always reach out to other people and help them as much as possible.

    They generally do not encourage big conversations on politics or most other things beyond their control. They often do different things and go all out of the way to get ahead in their lives. What makes such people tick?

    Members, who have such friends or have met such people in their lives, may share their experiences with such people. We can always learn from such experiences.
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    Some people keep their lives very balanced, that is, they are neither too nervous in bad times nor happy in excess of happiness. Not every human knows how to maintain this balance of life, probably because these people are different from everything else. My aunt is one of these people, the stresses of her life are visible to all of us, but her behavior is always cheerful. Whenever we ask her, how you are happy in this situation, she says, the situation will get worse by thinking more or taking stress then it is better to be happy so that the mind will also remain calm and good thoughts come to mind. The more we stress, the negative elements attract to us, their words seem very good, but it becomes a little difficult for every human to understand these things.
    Swati Sharma

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    Yes, Madam. There is a lesson to be learned here. Your aunt must have seen enough of the world and would have a good balance between spiritual and material life. I guess this is also one of the causes of our misery. When we keep on running after money, we tend to lose control of ourselves. Our egos overtake us. More so, when we are in positions of power in modern organizations. Bosses who scream at their subordinates go the other extreme to identify "people like us". This is even more dangerous, as the persons simply flatter their bosses for selfish purposes.

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    If we can adopt 'Take it easy policy', we can always keep smiling. This is practicable at home and in our work places. I have seen many such people who always have a smile on their face. Even if they are in trouble, they would be laughing and doing things as usual. When they disclose their problems, they would be smiling with their problems.
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    Initially it would be difficult to practice because of our behaviour but certainly this could be change with a little practice, by going through the life history of great men providing you insights how they could shed stress with their involvements of lot of work benificial for the common men. They are aware of the situations that in no way, remaining in stressful situations can improve their life standard. Hence for them the philosophy of life is to enjoy the available time with maximum pleasure and their minds work better in calmness. Their abilities improve considerably due to change of pattern of their thinking.

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    Keeping a smiling face always is the plus point to some people through which they make good friends, spend good time and also helpful to other fellow people. They probably smile because, they have completed all their responsibilities of life, they have created a best life to live with no questions of shortage and wants for any thing. Probably they are happy with the children and their progress and above all they might be happy with good health and energy. One thing is sure, those who smile would create a positive impact for themselves and for those who are their ardent followers. Those who smile would have the high confidence level and even induce others not to go negative way and have positive say in every matter. And those who smile, they can stay healthy because by smiling one can forget the past sour memories and live happily.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Some people may take things lightly and they never take issues seriously. Those people will always be smiling and they may be attending their works in their own fashion and they may be having their own way of doing the things. For them also sometimes things may go wrong but they don't take them to their heart and they will let the things happen. I have seen some people like this. But one thing I have seen some people who are like this are very shrewd. if anything goes wrong also they can go and convince their boss that the mistake happened not because of him but due to somebody else and that third person will become the scapegoat. This is very dangerous and we should be very careful with such people.
    I am not telling that all people will be like this and we should watch them and understand them before we thoroughly believe them. By seeing their smiling face we may believe them hundred per cent and sometimes we may get duped.

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    This is not an easy thing to do but there are people who keep their problems and hardships buried inside them and from outside do not appear to be perturbed and affected and for those who are seeing them from outside their behaviour and gesture are of idealistic proportions. Smiling most of the times is a big art which requires a lot of control on ones emotions and reactive traits in life. Definitely these people are a source of positive energy for all of us. I remember one of our classmates during my post graduation, was very jolly and happy and whenever he met us he greeted with smile and we felt a lot of positive energy in him. He was liked by many students and was very popular. As our friendship enhanced one day he took me to his house and I saw that his financial condition was very bad as there was none to support him and his mother simply cooked food and managed the house as his father died long back without leaving anything for them and by giving a portion of the parental house on rent they were somehow managing the days with a hope that after PG he would get a job somewhere. I was almost shocked and did not believe that a person can be outwardly be so happy and ever smiling with so many problems back home. Anyway he got a teaching job in some local institution and had good days.
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    This capacity will not come to all. The persons those who justify the good and bad, real and bogus etc., and seeing everything as same, can only keep their face smiling. In some people I am seeing that they keep their face always serious as they are very strict in nature. Especially some school teachers, headmaster/headmistress/doctors even parents are like that they keep their face always seriously and they never participate in public sessions etc., Alternatively the society comments badly about a person keeping his/her face with smile as they are either cunning inside or envying on them as they do not have any problems or worries.

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    Those people take life as it comes and adapts themselves to various situations. Nobody knows what is going to happen and we cannot do anything about what has already happened. But we always remain worried either about our future or about what happened in the past. Seldom we think and concentrate on things that we are doing at any given time. If we worry, our worries will increase but if we remain calm we can think of a solution when the situation is difficult. It's quite difficult to find such persons and I am in search of such kind of persons.

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    I agree, one person can create a situation to make you feel that you have to add more value to your work. On the other hand, just one word stating that 'you can do it' gives mental pleasure and also shows paths to success. The crucial point in this situation is, finding that right person to whom to talk or share our thoughts, feelings. This aspect has to be dealt with carefully.
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