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    Wisdom teeth and your wisdom

    The three important things for a person are Health, Wealth and Wisdom. The old proverb assures that if you get up early and sleep early regularly you will get all these three.

    We ourselves can feel and gauge whether we are healthy and whether we have wealth. But only others can evaluate and judge whether we have real wisdom. However it is a general perception that once we age to adulthood, we become mature leaving the childishness. We become 'world-wise'. Though human beings are bestowed with thirty two teeth, four teeth do not come unill adulthood. They are the four Molar teeth, one each at the extreme back side of the jaws both sides up and down. They are wisely called 'Wisdom teeth' as they grow only by age of seventeen, eighteen and may be by twenty by which time people ae 'mature and wise'. Hence they are aptly named so.

    Wisdom is not just knowledge. It is knowing and making sound judgement and self control.

    Wisdom teachings tell us and show us how to live happily. However, wisdom teeth can cause pain and problems to many people. Practical wisdom then, is to visit a dentist and cure or get them removed if so needed.

    ( TOW contest entry)
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    Very good mention from the author by connecting the tow topic to that of wisdom teeth and its impact on the person during the teens. It is said that who have the wisdom teeth are tend to behave sensibly as they become more wise and understandable to others. Normally a teenager would be on the tender hook to do the things fast and want to be the winner, but the thought process of good and bad would be gauged only after developing the wisdom teeth during the teens and thus a matured behavior could be seen much to the astonishment of the parents and also the close well wishers of the boy.
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    I think that the number of human teeth has nothing to do with the wisdom of the human being. People gain knowledge by experience and practice in practical world. For instance, reading a book is not so important and is useless if we don't select a good book or an appropriate book related to your comprehensive level. Suppose, a toddler wants to read a book and he chooses to read an advanced level of book which is beyond his comprehension. Now, this is high time to use wits or ask for help in case we need. The number of teeth whether it's 12 or 20 or 32 doesn't matter. The main task of the teeth is to chew the food properly so that it can be digested without any obstruction. I don't even understand why people wear accessories inside the teeth when it's not healthy or a wise decision to act upon. Interests is one thing but application of interest with wisdom is a completely different level thing.
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    By connecting wisdom to wisdom teeth, the writer has given a good thread, this is the idea, Wisdom is responsible for our good and bad decisions, and upon seeing it takes control over our entire personality. We need to control our own minds through Wisdom. You also know that when anything is oppressed, it will stop for some time, but at some point, the thing also comes back fast. Exactly the same happens in the case of the mind. A wise man not only counts, but he also controls his mind and conscience.
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    A good presentation. When there is a pain in the wisdom tooth, going to a dentist is the wise decision and that is the wisdom. At the same time trying for some home remedies is also a wise decision. But I don't know really whether there is any relation between the wisdom teeth and wisdom. A person who is not getting wisdom teeth is also wise and a person who is having all the teeth also is not wise enough. Wisdom is to understand the issues properly and acting as per the best way possible. People will become wiser by the time they start losing their teeth because of their age.
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    The author has presented an interesting narration connecting the age, wisdom teeth and wisdom of a person. In general wisdom comes with experience. Gaining knowledge is one thing but becoming wise is difficult. Understanding our world, its ways, people and societies, political systems, anomalies, reasons of one's success or failure, finding out that all that glitters is not gold, human relations and sentiments etc are the steps leading to wisdom. It is said that experience has no substitute. Without experience it is difficult to acquire wisdom. Having wisdom does not mean that the person becomes super in all respect and now he would not do any mistake. It is not so but he would do very less mistakes in comparison to an unwise fellow.
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    At a certain age, the Wisdom Teeth come out and during the same age, it is considered that one attains maturity. This thread describes the connection as well as many other things associated with our wisdom. Now suppose if it happens naturally that wisdom teeth grow only to those people having wisdom then it will be really interesting and a unit of wisdom may be found. If it really happens then if one has only one wisdom tooth it can be said that the person has little wisdom, two wisdom teeth will indicate more wisdom and so on. Then a person having no wisdom tooth will have no wisdom at all. It's just imagination and then anyone can say by inspecting our teeth whether there is any wisdom left in us or not.

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