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    Congress ruled states will not implement the new farm laws

    It seems the confrontation between the Congress and the NDA government is taking to next level as the Congress President Sonia Gandhi has advised the states ruled by them to shun and not to implement the new farm laws and thus the party is denying the legitimate rights of the farmers who are bestowed with much freedom to decide about the rate and marketing of their produce at the place which fetches them high. It seems Congress rank and file are having lots of interest in market committees and their very existence is in question and thus this opposition. Any comment ?
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    3 new bills have been introduced by our central government without division of vote. It is being said that it had never occurred in our parliament. What is wrong with farmers that they are protesting against these bills and showing their anger on streets against the government and as usual some people are attributing these protests to a misunderstanding of farmer community and blaming opposition parties for creating this misunderstanding, however, it is also a fact that opposition parties always oppose the ruling party. People have different opinions on this issue. What I have understood the sayings of farmer community is as hereunder.

    What has been happening so far for decades is that:

    a: Farmers grow crops and sell in the market (mandi) where license holder middlemen sell the product of farmers to buyers through an auction. This auction system discovers the rate of farmers' crops. And these buyers supply this product in the open market to consumers.

    b: Essential commodities like food grains are purchased in large quantity by the government on MSP and governments supply food grains to common men and poor people on subsidised rate.

    but now according to government:

    a: Farmers don't require to sell their crops through middlemen rather they can sell their product directly to buyers i.e. corporate sector Now it is very much possible that these rich buyers will buy farmers' product at their own rate which they offer to farmers. Since who will decide MSP is not mentioned in the bill, nor it was informed in both houses by the government but now after seeing the protest of farmers government is saying that it will decide MSP. How it can be possible because corporate is not legally bound to accept decided MSP. If the government had said in parliament about MSP it would have become the part of the act/law passed by the parliament but saying on T.V. or stage has no importance.

    b: Farmers can sign an agreement with corporate even before the crop is grown. but they're apprehensive that this situation will change the landowners as labourers in their own fields. Moreover, the crop which corporate demands will have to be grown by farmers.

    c: Since corporate is going to be the owner of the food grains of the country, so they will store all food grains in their warehouse and when the demand of food grains increase they will supply on a higher rate. Most probably subsidised rates for poor people will be revised and redefined by the corporate sector in place of government.

    c: Farmers can sell their product anywhere in India but how? without middlemen? No, because corporate sector represents elite class so they will hire the services of middlemen, the private agents. As it can not be imagined that a poor farmer will talk as a party to rich corporate in an unknown or unseen market of another state the language of which he does not know too.

    d: This historical step will liberate the farmer community is the claim of the government but farmers don't want this liberty.

    In my opinion government should address all above issues being raised by farmers. Hope our government will convince them.

    If Congress ruled states have decided not to implement these new laws in their respective territory court will decide whether or not they are authorised to do so.

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    Mohan, please put up points to support your view that the new bill is favouring the farmers.
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    The farmers are the creators of the crops or produce and hence they have the right to decide and fix the price and not the so called middlemen. And why the farmer should take the help of mandi when he has the right now to sell at a good price or even at other place of his choice. So farmer is not pushed to loss and the middleman commission avoided.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Mohan, if that be the case, have you thought why the farmers are against the bill? If farmers can sell their products directly in a market, why should they be worried? Please realize that it is not the case. The farmers will not have any voice over their products and the government or their well-wishers will decide the fate of farmers. They will decide on the price. And that is why farmers are raising their voice against the bill. Let us be true to facts.
    “The door to wisdom is knowing yourself." Anonymous

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    Saji please note that not every farmer is on stir and only Congress instigated farmers are protesting and that ends the matter.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I am not talking about politics. I am trying to project a real concern. My simple query is that if the bill is intended to do away with middlemen, who will be deciding the prices? Any answer? The centre or their agencies will choose products and decide the base price of a farmer's product.

    Mohan, I understand your inclination but let us not be blind to facts.

    “The door to wisdom is knowing yourself." Anonymous

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    Middlemen may go away but the corporates will come in the middle. So there is no relief for the farmer from the problems I feel.
    Our farmers are facing two problems one is financially they are weak and they don't have storage capacity. Forget about the minimum price by the government. The government can't give a very high price to them. The middlemen may purchase at the minimum price and store the goods and sell them at a higher price. If the farmer himself can store his goods and sell them when there is a scarcity in the market at a higher price, his financial position will improve. That will be the best thing to happen to a farmer. But I don't think about this new bill it will happen.
    One way the decision of the Congress party will be good. So the people will understand the difference in the existing one and the new one practically and can take the best one among the two.

    always confident

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    This farmers' issue was solved by Tamilnadu during Dr. Karnunadhi's period. He started off with a scheme called 'Uzhavar Santhai' (Farmers Market) where farmers could sell their products directly without any middlemen involvement. The JJ government closed the market and brought back the middlemen. Now BJP government is getting the system back to whole of India for the betterment of farmers.

    It is only the Congress backed political farmers are agitating against the bill. 75 percent of farmers are happy with the bill as they have their freedom to sell their product profitably without any middlemen. Even if the corporates come to play, farmers will be highly benefitted.

    Congress has already dug its grave. Now it is digging more deeper to rest peacefully.

    No life without Sun

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    I think bill is passed for the betterment of farmers but there is some confusion in their minds as whether it would be implemented correctly in their favour or some ambiguity would come and make their lives more miserable. So, these types of apprehensions are there and are being fuelled by the opposition parties to such an extent that some states are ready to non cooperate with central Govt. Until unless the central Govt clarifies these things in the bill itself the doubt would remain in the minds of some of the farmers. In our country many bills are passed but when it comes to execution and implementation, we fail miserably.
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    I am unable to understand one simple thing. When the government is so much concerned about the welfare of the farmers' why they are not allowing the farmers to directly sell their crops to the vendors and consumers? Earlier there were middlemen who used to make a huge profit, now it's the turn of the corporates to make even more profits. If the farmers can directly sell their crops to the vendors or consumers I think that will be really profitable for the farmers. In this bill, it seems to me that farmers will grow and corporates will sell. How we'll get to know at what price the crops were sold to the corporates? Earlier there were MSP and now it is not there in the new law.

    I do not want to say anything about politics but I would mention only one thing and that is the strength of the present opposition is not enough which is not good for any functioning democracy.


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    The latest news is that the Punjab farmers got benefited with new MSP on their produce and 16,400 tones were procured in just 72 hours and that proves farmers understood the benefit.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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