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    There is no sense to conduct Census during Covid spread

    The next installment of Census should have started during the September 2020 but due to the pandemic and the cases increasing even in the states like Kerala, has forced the central government to postpone the Census and National Population registry data retrieval by visiting every home across the country. It is now decided that the census operation would be held in the year 2022 provided the Covid spread is contained and controlled. The census would bring the exact figure of the population, the living conditions and the expectations of the citizens.
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    I think the decision is correct. By asking people to go from door to door and make the census, we are putting them at risk and they will also become the agents for spreading the virus. We have to stop one person coming into contact with many people as he will become a potential, centre for virus and spreading will become more. We will see more cases. Once the vaccine comes and all the people will get to have it, then it is safe to conduct the census and till then it should be postponed. It is not going to make any difference in our lives. Good to differ at this time.
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    It is a good decision and it is a fact that many state Govt employees in municipalities and allied departments are already under work pressure and if they are entrusted additional work they would not be able to cope up with it. Census is an important activity but if it is carried out in this situation it would lead to a lot of mess and also the acquired data would be questionable. Two years is a small time for postponing such activities which are done every 10 years or so. Till that time the authorities can use the projected population data based on the known growth rates in the past and their trend over the years.
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