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    The best help would be to make a person aware of his hidden talent.

    There are many people who have some talent through which they can go ahead in their life. But unfortunately, people often do not recognize the hidden talent within them. In such a situation, there will be nothing bigger than this in life if we help these people and make them aware of their hidden talent.

    These are some areas in which we do do not stand to lose anything. But it would be a great thing to show someone the right path in life. For this, it is necessary to have a quality in you and that is a feeling of benevolence.
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    Many people may not be aware of their hidden talents. But if we can make them know their hidden talents they will excel in their works and perform efficiently. When we observe some people we may be able to understand their capabilities and if we tell him that he can do that without any problem, they may perform in a better way than we expected.
    Lord Hanuman never knows his abilities. Always somebody has to motivate him and say that he can do that. Then he used to use his power and perform the acts. When one has to cross the ocean and search for Sita, no one was ready to cross the ocean. Hanuma was sitting in a corner. Then the leaders of the monkeys thought that Hanuma is the only candidate who can do that. Then they went to him and made him accept for taking up the task. The rest we all know/

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    A good thought process by the author. Some people have calibre and talent to do something but they might be unaware of that. That is definitely a sad situation. Now the thing is that who would lead them to the light from their own darkness. A good friend or a leader or a boss or a neighbour or a teacher? Someone has to show light to him. There comes the value of kind hearted and benevolent persons who help others in myriads of ways selflessly. I have seen some people like that who are the real gems of our societies and they have awakened the many hidden souls to fame and prosperity.
    Knowledge is power.

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    It is the fact that most of us bestowed with some hidden talent which is not visible to us but others would be noticing the same and they would certainly give the push to explore the new talent. For example tailoring is the ordinary way of life for many households and if the same is utilized with creativity like joining many laces and creating a wide border for the sarees and creating new designs for the blouses which can be learned through watching others who wear new trends regularly. Women are attracted to the new way of fashions and they like something unique and new and they would not mind spending extra money for the new fashion trend. This way the households can create their own niche for creating a new design and attract their fixed customers and make money sitting at the home and that would be more rewarding.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    A very good thought highlighted by the author. Many people are there in our society having hidden talent but it does not come out due to lack of resources. If other people try to motivate this kind of people then definitely it would be a service of mankind. I have noticed children of a roadside vendor who has the talent of good singing but their talent goes waste because of lack of motivation. So, it would be a great help if we make aware of them about hidden talent.

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