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    Can we afford to do away with Chinese products right now?

    One hears interesting stories on the ground. After months of lockdown, the metropolis of Chennai is almost back to normal. And one of India's biggest smuggled goods bazaar called the Burma Bazaar is near the prestigious Chennai Beach station.

    Now, what is sold there? Casual inquiries reveal that over 80% of the electronic goods sold, are from China. The most prestigious T.Nagar, where one can find textile goods on the pavements, stock such goods made in China. One of the biggest stores for cheaper goods like suitcases, belts and so on, and literally everything under the sun, spread over many floors, is a shop called Saravana Stores at the Ranganathan Street. One is told that a good percentage of all goods come from China.

    The big organized industry still imports a number of goods in the form of spare parts from China. Members who know the ground reality, may please talk about the extent to which we can stop the Chinese from selling goods in India and the ways and means to stop the Chinese explotion of plastic goods in particular.
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    Since the ban on Chinese products and apps took momentum during the lock down period obviously India irked with China for spreading the pandemic and also indulging border encroachments. Now coming to point of Burma Bazar and the T Nagar area of Chennai selling most of the Chinese products, probably they were of old stock prior to lock down when the relations with the dragon country were good. Now the new stocks cannot be imported and if someone even sells them clandestinely treated as illegal and can be put behind bars. Even the Chennai people should not encourage the products from our enemy country.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    It may not be possible to bring down the usage to Zero immediately. But we can reduce slowly and with a time frame, we can bring it to near Zero. For that many efforts are required. The manufacturing industry has to pick up and the government should make the policy in such a way that foreign companies will come to India and start investing here in the service sector and manufacturing sector. Then we will have many products that are being manufactured in our country only. The duty for China goods should be increased so that people will not get China's products at a lesser price.
    As said by the author many of us accustomed to using cheap products which are coming from China and our manufacturers should be able to give the goods to customers near about the same price. That will make the customers rely on Indian products.
    The people should also not hesitate to spend a little more on purchasing non-China products to see that China's market will come down. Anyhow, we have to wait for another 2 or 3 years to see that the Indian market is free from China products.

    always confident

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