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    Dictionaries etches words in your mind.

    Dictionary is the best source to improve vocabulary of any language we are interested in. I still remember that when I was promoted to class VI, my elder brother gifted me my first pocket size English-Urdu dictionary. I still remember many of new words which I learnt from that dictionary as if they're etched with mind. I used to write new words on a notebook and learn them by heart as I was directed to do so.

    Now we are living in the age of internet where ocean of knowledge is on finger tips. Today, all of us, including students, hardly buy dictionary from the market, rather they prefer to download dictionaries from different websites. I have also downloaded two dictionaries. But I experience a big difference that now I search new words, use them and sometimes forget them. They don't stay in memory for a long time. What do you say about it?
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    My appreciation to the author for remembering the importance of dictionaries in those days and we would certainly verify the new meanings and new words that are used in our note books. But over the course of time and at the invent of internet, we are now habituated to refer for each information and the Google has been doing the great favor. Even today I have a big dictionary gifted by my father and it has the English to Tamil translations. Since it was over 50 years old some of the papers are torn off and turned brittle. If we touch the dictionary, the papers would turn into pieces but I have kept it as my memory. What I advise the parents and the friends that on the occasion of birthdays do not spend money on parties and programs or enjoying cakes and drinks with friends, instead donate a good dictionary to the birthday person.
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    True. When we see the dictionary and learn a new word we will remember them for longer times. After knowing the word and we understand the meaning we have to make two or three new sentences of our own so that we will remember the words forever. All depends on how we take and learn it.
    Some people simply see the meaning of the word and then they will leave it. Then they may not remember the word for long. Some people will write the new word and meaning in a small book and that register is being referred to when they get some time so that they can learn the language better.
    These days the internet is the one word answer for all issues. So there is no necessity of purchasing a separate dictionary and refer for getting clarified your doubts. So many people are not purchasing them, I feel.

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    Very true. When things are available on our finger tips in the mobile device that is in our pocket we do not feel to remember things which can be searched there. So, to that extent the modern technology is making us more and more dependent on these gadgets. We need not to remember the spellings as auto correct feature is doing it for us. Nowadays we need not to type the full thing as the app would show some options which we are yet to type and then we select it and our job is executed. So there is definitely a paradigm shift in the ways we were remembering things earlier and now.
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    Dictionary is an important thing. And it is a great thing to know each and every word we utter. I remember an incident to quote. My grandfather was not educated but with enough wisdom and knowledge. He used to argue on points. Once, a guy remarked him "O' this guy is an Agaraathi." My Grandpa agreed and said, "Yes. I am really Agaraathi. Any doubt?

    Agaraathi in Tamil means "Dictionary" but in slang "Arrogant". So the guy knew only the meaning Arrogant for Agaraathi, not the actual meaning that is a Dictionary. Later, after learning about the meaning of Agaraathi as Dictionary, he apologized for his words.

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