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    Continuous practice completes an impossible task.

    The practice has great importance in life. A person is not skilled in all tasks as soon as he is born, but gradually, by learning the work one by one, mastery comes and it is possible only when we practice a task again and again. If we learn a task and do not repeat it again, do not try it, we will forget the things we have learned. But by repeatedly practicing any good work, it always refreshes in our memory. This makes it easier for us to do that work. When a man is unable to do something, if he keeps trying, again and again, there comes a time when he gets success in doing that work on the basis of that effort. In our life, the practice has great importance in the lives of all. Never stop practicing If you start doing some work with positive thoughts in mind then it is definitely complete and by practicing we not only become proficient in one task but we also increase our skills.

    When we keep practicing a task, then we learn to do it easily. If we do not practice the work learned, then we forget it. However, there are some tasks which we never forget, but still, we should practice as is it is truly said by philosophers " Practice makes a man perfect".
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    Continuing the practice with all interest and knowing the flaws in detail is what a wise person would think of. When I purchased a computer in the year 2007, I was not having any idea but wanted my children to be benefited through high learning process. But over the course of time I started typing one letter after other with one finger and the speed was less and nil. Then I started to work on the computer daily for two hours and gathered the typing speed slowly. In this regard I wish to thank ISC which induced me to write content and thus I acquired speed of typing over these 11 years and today I would type very speed and without seeing the key board and this master I could gain by daily typing for at least two hours. So without going to a formal typewriting institute. without having any formal computer know how I am also on the internet without flaws.
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    True. Practice makes a man perfect. There is a poem in Telugu written by Yogi Vemana. That poem says, initially when we eat any food which is bitter we may not like it. But if we try and eat again and again we will start liking it. Even though you are not good at singing if you practice the same song again and again you will become perfect and your singing will improve. In the same way, if we practice the same work, again and again, we will become perfect and we can do that job in a better way. As we go on doing the same task again and again we will also understand how we can improve our productivity and also workmanship.
    When I started driving a car I used to be very fearful and used to drive very slowly and I used to ask a driver to sit in my side seat. But after some time I learned how to drive safely and I used to drive for long distance also alone without a driver. In the same, we will become perfect in our works as our experience increases.

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    Practice is a very important thing which many of us sometimes ignore in overconfidence. The problem with many people is that they want to do only the things which they like and those things they pick up fast and excel in them very easily without much practice. But that is not the end of learning. Today some students do online reservations and payments etc in minutes and their parents are much impressed but when the results come their score in educational degrees is very poor because they did not do much revisions etc. There is nothing like easy and tough. Practice makes everything easy.
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    My mother used to this word often with citation of Robert Bruce story. Robert Bruce was a king who continuously defeated by his enemies hide himself in a cave with frustrated mind. That time he casually saw spider in the cave built its web. In spite of had cutting again and again it was trying to build its web. Finally it succeeded in its triumph. By seeing this the king got hope in his attempt and succeded his enemy.
    In Tamil there is a saying 'Muyarchi thiruvinai aakkum' which means triumph succeeded.

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