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    Is it really corona virus or its 5G Impact?

    is it really corona virus or its 5G Impact? Some people telling there is no corona virus in the world its all happening due to 5G impact. I do not know exactly what's this so I am posting this thread to get clarity on that. Italy also told its 5G impact that's the reason peoples are getting impacted without physical contact. Whoever will come in the range of 5G rays they will get impacted from this kind of issue so my idea is if world drop the concept of 5G then this corona issue could get resolved. Anyway its bad days for all of us so be safe and take care of your health and your family members. Its big fight from home.
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    If it is 5G and not Corona virus, let our government ban the functioning of 5G related gadgets in our country to see whether we are really suffering from COVID-19 or 5G technology. In fact, 5G is 100 times better and faster than 4G. There is a possibility of micro waves passing through the human body causing ill effects to our body system.
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    I don't know that 5G is thought as Corona. I know some discussion wherein it was believed that 5G can spread this COVID19. It will be a career. But these are all rumours only and there is no solid proof for this argument. 5G waves are part of the electromagnetic spectrum. and it may pose some dangers. To that extent, there is some truth. These high-frequency waves will get ionised and these ionised radiations at the end of the spectrum may cause some problem. But 5G is of low-frequency waves and they are "non-ionising". The scientific evidence has shown that this non-ionising radiation will not do internal damage to our cells.
    So if we listen to the science, the simple fact is that 5G cannot be behind the pandemic The effect of Corona is not due to 5g. some people who have some rivalry with the 5G companies are trying to create some doubts in the minds of the people so that 5G will have a negative impact.
    There is another argument that 5G rays may reduce immunity but there is no proof for this argument also.

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    This is absurd thinking being circulated and thwart the entry of 5 G platform to our country and if the author contention has to be taken granted, then why only selective people getting infected and not all the 130 crore population. The elders, the youth and even the children who are not connected with the so called rays are affected and WHO is not such fool to keep this information with them. China has been creating all hurdles for world in general and India in particular and this particular as we are about to shift to 5 G mode sooner and to thwart prevent such transfer this rumor has been created. The medical fraternity across the world has been working on the vaccine to get rid of virus and if these seems to be because of rays, then India need not spend a whooping 80000 crore for developing and distributing the vaccine.
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    We all know that Corona is in the whole world mostly so if its 5g impact then need to check where 5G impact not there but still people suffering from corona impact. Anyway good discussion is going on please keep discussing this matter.
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