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    Is the Andhra Pappu famous in Karnataka too?

    One must grant it to Andhra Pradesh and Telangana as well. They have such a huge variety of dishes. One of these is the famous Pappu, which is made of dal and tomato and one vegetable, I guess. I had this "Pappu" on many occasions and found that it had one vegetable or no vegetable. Yet, it was a very tasty item.

    Now, here comes a big twist. My friend who hails from Karnataka, argues that the same dish is famou in Karnataka as well. When I checked with other Karnataka friends, they were not too sure. Of course, they have lived for a long time in Chennai and know more about the local dishes than their own State dishes!!!

    Jokes apart, what is the truth? How many varieties of Pappu are there? For example, is it possible to make Pappu with banana flower? Members who know the actual truth may please share their views.
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    Various Dals are combined with various vegetables and the dishes are made. Pappu is very famous in Telugu states and I know that this is famous in Karnataka also.
    The dish will be made with Bengal gram dal or moong dal. Either of these two can be used. That will be combined with raw mango, or tomato or leafy vegetables, The dal with mango is very tasty and many people like this dish. Garlic and Onions will be added to this dish to enhance the taste.
    There is a dish which is made with raw banana and moong dal. We will call it Pappu with arati kaya ( Raw Banana). If this is made there is no necessity of making a separate vegetable curry. With all these varieties of Pappu, papads will also be taken so that the taste will be excellent.
    We like eating Dal with mango. In summer when these mangoes are available we will be eating this dish as many times as possible. In Andhra in marriages also this dish is made if raw mangoes are available.
    Karnataka Pappu is something different but the ingredients are the same but the process may be something different.

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    When the dish is pappu then the origin and the credit should goes to the United Andhra Pradesh. On everyday basis most of the house prepare this pappu in varied forms. One with the moong dal adding the tomato and another variety only Tur dal and capsicum and there is third variety adding Tur dal, Moog Dal and Channa dal with tomato. But all the three dishes are very tasting and people would be asking for repeat the same dish. Every mess in AP and Telangana has to serve this pappu without fail even though the Sambar and Rasam were also made along with this. Karnataka might have copied this dish as we also make Bisebelabath and Chow chow bath and that does not mean it is our dish. These two are famous Karnataka dishes and we reslish it many a time. Nevertheless the regional cooking recipes are always good and tasty.
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    Pappu is a common dish in AP. Without any addition Toor daal will be cooked to which only salt is added and will be mixed with rice and eaten along with little ghee. In AP Aavakaya (mango pickle) is a great combination for it. Pappu is also made with a combination of vegetables like tomato, mango, brinjal, Amaranthus, Gongura, cucumber, palak, lemon, bottle guard etc. Some dry curries are also made with Toor daal with a combination of banana, menthi leaves. Mango Pappu is the most tasty dish. On annual ceromonies of elders usually moong daal Pappu is used in AP.
    Some times moong daal is also used in combination with some vegetables to make Pappu. I think in Karnataka mostly they use moong daal Pappu.

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    In Tamilnadu also pappu rice is common. In all marriage feasts initially pappu is served before sambar. The children are feed pappu rice and ghee in the starting level. In ceremonies of brahmin houses the serving of pappu made of moong dhal is common.

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    Sir, the Tamil Nadu variety is very plain and simple. This is totally unlike AP &Telengana, where there is a good variety of food available. Even the pappu in AP is mixed with tomato and sometimes garlic and one vegetable.

    The AP people really have a good variety. Take, for instance, the stuffed brinjal dish. They make this so well and it is a little spicy. Of course, there is one famous dish called Kadappa which is a variety of sambar, from Kumbakonam. The Halwa from Tirunelveli is famous too. But the AP people have too much of a variety in the vegetarian curries. I have had full lunch with such varieties. Till today, I do not know how they make it. And when I ask them in broken Hindi or in pucca English, the reply comes in Telegu. I have had a similar experience in a hotel called Vishnu Bhavan, at Chittoor, which is so near Sholinghur, where I live. On that day, the Tamil speaking server was absent as well. I did not understand anything, though they tried to explain.

    Even their sambar is different. I was also told that each region has got something special. For instance, at Khammam, is taste is different from that of Vijayawada for even sambar. Anyway, taste is the spice of life...

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