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    If you have the skills, utilise it for constructive things.

    It is sometimes seen that technical persons having IT skills utilise it for destructive or wrong purposes rather than utilising it for constructive, useful and helpful things.

    IT persons with hacking skills use it mostly for wrong purposes. Such IT persons hack the entire server and insert malicious codes thereby destroying the reputation and worth of some good websites. Some hack it to divert the traffic to some malicious ads and earn on efforts of others and many hack it to extort money straightaway.

    By doing such activities, they not only waste valuable resources and time but also the effort of so many man hours that has been put to establish a site and maintain it. Still the IT sector has not matured enough to be able to identify and catch the culprit, there are enough loopholes and these are misutilized by few who have the detailed skills.

    Wouldn't it be better to channelized such skill and talent for welfare of general masses rather than just utilising it to satisfy ones' own greed.
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    Nice suggestion from the author. The IT professionals can do many tricks with their skills for the wholesome benefit of the society and they can create apps and even facilitate smooth life for those who does not have any knowledge in the field. Instead of working for them and their development the IT professionals must form as a group and develop some apps that could mitigate the problems of the people. They can help the women folks, the students and even the elders to get alerts or give alerts when they are confronted with danger or help. Such kind of apps were most welcome and even the state governments should encourage the young IT team to come up with such apps which would create a bridge between the government schemes and the beneficiaries without involving any middlemen who are taking away the benefits.
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    The author is correct. In today's growing technological development, the skills of the people are also developing over time, by which people can do good for themselves and society. For example, nowadays, many children are interested in hacking from the age of about 12-13, when they and the people of the house understood this interest, they should guide them towards ethical hacking and get related courses, etc. to make a career in the same field and become an ethical hacker in future. The opportunity should be given so that in the coming time, they can help many companies to keep their data secure and remove the vulnerability of their website. This will benefit not only them but many people.
    Swati Sharma

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    IT people have enormous talent and they are capable of doing many excellent tasks in their field and for that, they should be encouraged to perform the jobs still better. However, there are some IT professionals who with sheer frustration may hack the entire server or may insert some malicious codes to malign the reputations of some of the companies. Though they could have utilised their talent in some direction helping the helpless persons such as housewives, students and senior citizens protecting them from some malicious massages by creating some apps. They are the talented people and they need to channelise their talents for the betterment of the people living around them.

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    Not only self utilization but some direct or indirect motivation also required for constructive things. A child, I saw in a house, have a good skill of drawing. On that day when I went to their house, the child show the pictures drawn by her. While I was seeing the picture and yet to start appreciating her, her parents both commented criticizing the child as she is not concentrating her thinking in studies but spending her time in drawing. By hearing their words the girl's face shrunk immediately and left from there by snatching the note from me. It is good to advise the children to make concentration in studies but there is a way for that. Rather than appreciating the talents one should not make the talents to wither from the mind.

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    Any person having skills in any field should not use them for destructive purposes. Not only in the IT field, in all the fields there are chances to use your skills for constructive purposes. At the same time, we can use them for destruction also. But using it for constructive aspects is the best thing one can do.
    The talents, we have, are to be used for helping somebody. The elders should encourage their children to improve their skills and use them for constructive purposes.
    As mentioned by the author these days many professionals are trying to misuse their knowledge for getting benefitted. One should never leave the ethical path in their profession. Deceiving others by using your technical skill is a crime.

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