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    Journey from wisdom to simplicity

    We all gain knowledge in our lives through educational courses as well acquire learnings in select fields through practical or hands on experiences. This is a continuous process and even in our work place we go on leaning new tools and techniques to increase our productivity and to cope up with the new technologies which are replacing the older ones in a fast pace in today's world. When a person gets sufficient experience he becomes an expert and that is the apex of his career. At the same time many persons learn other things also in their lives as how to treat people, how to behave, how to work cordially in a group, and how to endure for a common goal to achieve success for one's organisation as well as the individual. People who achieve these characteristics and work in that fashion are considered as wise in general and having wisdom in particular. Wisdom gives us power of differentiating between good and bad and enhances our control on ourselves and gives us a unique strength to take appropriate decisions depending on the situation. Wisdom does not come to a person automatically. Behind it there is always a hard working person who learns everything with a desire to excel and at the same time tries to understand the intricate human behaviours present here and there in the society. He studies all these things in life and enriches his experience through it.

    A wise person understands that this world is a temporary place for the physical existence and one day one has to leave everything and say good bye to this form and that is a type of spiritual realisation that takes over him and as a corollary to that he starts behaving in a simple and down to the earth manner with the fellow beings which of course gives him a great respect also in society. He acquires simplicity as a basic ingredient in his life for happiness and contentment and his journey from wisdom to simplicity is completed.

    This is my entry for month end topic based TOW contest.
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    One of the biggest advantages of simplicity is that the quality of one's actions, as soon as he comes to the consciousness of what and why is important in life, he starts managing the desires properly. This reduces dilemmas and brings clarity to the approach. It is necessary to periodically assess your needs and desires. Many times it happens that the thing that feels comfortable today becomes the cause of discomfort in the future. The simple life has always been given importance by sensible people, which is the identity of their wisdom, this saves time and energy and does not put unnecessary pressure on the mind.
    Swati Sharma

    Keep your Face to the SunShine

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    If a person acquires the wisdom his behavior would turn sober and more cordial. There is no asserting voice, there is no authoritative attitude, and totally a changed person would behave with new normal situation as if the relations are no longer lasting and nothing more than that. Those who knows that this life is the drama and we are all actors doing the roles one after other and one day the drama would stop happening and we are dead by that time. Nothing is sure and happening in the future and if this reality is known before hand that is the best behavior bestowed on a wise person. One more thing there is no challenge, there is no cut throat competition as the wise man feels that why should there race for the survival as we are destined to die one day for sure and nothing would come along with us after the death.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    A wise man understands this world in a better way. He knows that he is a guest here and not going to be a permanent affair here. So they are never excited when there are positives and they are not completely down when something negative happens. They never show their emotions on their face and they behave settled. That is their shrewdness. We always hear that a leaf with some weight on it will never fly and a vessel is full never spills out. Another one hear is that an empty vessel makes more noise. All this can be applicable to a wise person. A wise person never tries to show his wiseness to all the people. But people will recognise the same.
    Wisdom gives a person more maturity. A matured person always behave in a different way. A person with wisdom will know that he has to respect fellow human beings. He knows that he has to lead a simple life.
    I know a person who was a very rich person but he was very gentle and he never behaved like a very rich man. That showed his wisdom and he helped many poor people during his life.

    always confident

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    Wisdom makes a person simple in nature. We make things too complex and at times feel that life is very complex. It is wisdom that helps us to realize that all these issues are only a part of our lives and there is no point in worrying unnecessarily. This realization comes with experience and cannot be learnt from reading books. The books may have descriptions and experiences shared by great women and men but unless one is realizing it may remain inside the book only. We need to observe things and explore them in our own ways to gain a good experience. Our experiences and realizations help to remain simple. It may take some time but to have wisdom one has to realize a lot of things in terms of reality.

    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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