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    Understanding your own personality well is an important part of life.

    To achieve happiness and success in today's complex living conditions, it is not only enough for a person to be hardworking and intelligent, but for this, emotional maturity is also very important. You must have felt that people react differently in the same conditions. Some people get frustrated with small troubles and some try to find solutions to their problems in a peaceful manner instead of panicking even in very difficult situations. Out of this, other types of people succeed at every turn of life.

    You should know what makes you happy, what things you dislike, if you are ever in a bad mood then you should know what is causing your mood. What are you worried and worried about, what are the insecurities in your mind, you should know clearly? Whenever you are sitting alone in peace, be neutral and introspect from the eyes of others. When you honestly evaluate your personality, only then you will be able to understand your feelings better. This will make it easier for you to control and balance your emotions.

    Understanding your personality well is an important part of life, first, understand yourself and then try to understand and make understood to others. Members, what do you think about this?
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    Very true, I agree with the author's view. we must observe our personality before going outside the world. Definitely, everybody has a different personality. Some people become very strong intentionally whereas, some people got scared rapidly. So, it varies from person to person. You can understand this way. When a candidate applies for a job then some of them got selected whereas, some got rejected as they are not suitable for the job. So, if we will able to understand our personality then it would be better to spent life peacefully. Oftentimes, I have noticed that some people indulge in any kind of activity without observing their personality for which they have to repent afterwards.
    Obviously, personality plays important role in our life. Good personality makes our life successful.

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    Very correct. Every person should do his own SWOT analysis. One should know what are his strong points and what are his weak points. He should also know what are the opportunities and what are the threats. Once he knows these points he can always manage his life very efficiently. If my strength is in one area I should try to go into that line and further improve that. If I know what are my weak points, I should try to improve our skill in those areas so that we can overcome over weaknesses. Sometimes we may have strong points but the opportunities may be in other areas. So we should always learn how to match these two points. Then we will be successful in our lives.
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    Every person should evaluate himself or herself before attempting any big task or challenge. The pros and cons to be known before hand because the adverse effects must be addressed immediately and there would not be any lead time for reconcile. Not only the self strength one must also explore the other contacts through which one can assert the supremacy. But one thing is sure the circumstances and the luck factor also plays important role even though our personality may be good and dominating however it cannot be used at every place and therefore pause and go must be the attitude.
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