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    The ability to change is the measure of wisdom.

    It is true that the ability to change and the capacity to learn new things day by day is the measure of wisdom. This world operates only by change, human being is born as soon as a change happens.

    This universe has been created by chance. Initially, the earth was like a burning circle but it slowly changed and it changed so much that now life is possible on it and so many living animals and birds are living here, so it is very important to say that the ability to change.

    Our intelligence has come that we can change everything with study, knowledge, and wisdom and with the advice of knowledgeable people.

    We should change all the old customs, old orthodox things, orthodox things, and all such activities that affect mankind and its result in evil. A lot of things are changing over time, so we should change too. We should abandon the old system and create a developing society. If a village is old then it can be changed to a modern village. Changing it will bring literacy in it and all people will be educated. A lot of industries will open there and people will be aware of it. Due to which their livelihood will increase and they will get to know new things which will increase their literacy. We should change our country a lot because there is still the recognition of old things in many states.

    When the flood comes, it takes away everything with it, but if there is anything left then the one who, instead of standing still in front of its strong current, immediately bowed down leaving his strut without any hesitation, and as soon as the effect of flow is less, back to the same position. Thus, changing life according to time and situation is real wisdom.

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    Change is very important always in our lives. In river water will be always flowing and new water will be coming. That is why river water will be always fresh and we prefer taking bath in river water. If the water is stagnated it starts giving foul smell. In the same way,v if there is no change in life we will get bored and monotonous. So there should be a change and we should welcome a change.
    Our change should be positive and it should be for our betterment. Our wisdom lies in taking the change for betterment or our satisfaction. The change should improve our lifestyle and we should get satisfaction. A change should be from fire to pan but not from pan to fire. Ensuring this will be our wisdom. A wise man will make a decision which will boost his position.
    I feel that we need not change all our old customs. We can go with them and can change the customs which are not fit for the present day. We have left many of our old customs but during this pandemic, we all noticed the importance of those customs.

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    A good thought put up by the author. Change is the law of nature and changing our ways with it is the nature of human race. It is said that only those can survive in this universe who can bring change in them as per the circumstances and environment. The mighty dinosaurs ruled this Earth for millions of years but one day when sea level rose or some catastrophe happened, they could not cope up with it and perished. Those who cannot change lose their existence. Wise people know when and how one has to change as per the change in surroundings and situations and it is absolutely right to say that we can assess the wisdom of the persons from this unique observation as how the wise people change their ways and face the new challenges.
    Knowledge is power.

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