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    'A moment of happiness' and 'a period of depression.' Words say it all.

    Simple words like 'A moment of happiness' and 'A period of depression' have such deep meaning that, when analysed, they portray the whole reality of life.

    When you are happy or joyful, hours and days may pass by like a moment and when you are sad or depressed even a minute may feel like days. Our whole life is like this only, if we spend it happily it will feel as if, we had no time at all and if we remain sad the life may seem a burden that is never ending.

    We can always experience this and it teaches us to remain happy no matter what the situation maybe. Being sad momentarily due to some loss is okay but to come out of it is very important to realise the true beauty of life.
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    What I feel that happiness is time bound and it will not stay with us for long whereas the sad moments or the challenges would be dragging and even have cascading effect on our life. There is a popular saying and even the elders used to warn us not to celebrate the happiness moments for too much as the sad period is round the corner and it would take away all the joys thus experienced . And great are those who try to live happy even during sad moments as they are confronting more challenges than the happiness in life and thus they are never perturbed to face series of problems. And if any body says that they are living happily for ever is the foolish and over estimated statement as there would be balancing act between the happiness and sad period and therefore we have to believe and take it granted that both would happen.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    When we hear a good song we feel that the song is over very fast. But when we hear a song which is not very good for hearing we feel that the singer is taking a little more time for the song. When we are seeing a movie which is liked by us we feel that the movie is over fast. But when the movie is boring we feel that the length of the movie is more. That is why one should do acts which keep him happy all the time. Otherwise, we never enjoy our work. Because of this reason only, people say that we should encourage the children to do the works which are interesting to them. If you force your likings on them they can't enjoy those issues and they feel their life is boring and they never flourish. To avoid such failures the elders should not force their wishes on their children.
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