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    What would you have done if you were in Gandhi's shoes?

    1920 was the time when the Noncooperation movement was started and was the first big movement Gandhi was associated with. The boycotting of British goods, professions, institutions, and legislature was the action taken to push the government to bring out the necessary reforms. The involvement of masses amalgamated with the ahimsa ideology was at the full swing when the Chauri Chaura event happened when the police station was burnt by the protesters after British officers provoked them. Gandhi, after citing the violent nature of the progressing movement, called off the movement immediately.
    Many leaders, even in Congress, criticized him for calling off the movement. Gandhiji had his own reasons for terminating the program but yes, as we say, if we have to form a democracy then we have to act like a democracy. So, in this very thread, I urge the members to be him for a while and suggest the measure you would have taken according to your ideology.
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    Knowing Gandhi much about his fight against the British to get freedom, if I get into his shoes, I would have done the same thing that Gandhi has done. If I give a different answer, our freedom will become meaningless. Gandhiji was right with his action to call off the progressing movement, and his continuance to fight with non-violence that yielded the positive result.
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    Gandhiji has given more importance to a peaceful struggle and he was advocating non-violence all the time. So sensed that violence was increasing. So he called off non-cooperation moment We may be having various programs but the guidelines should not be overruled or forgotten. We always should keep it in mind. So I feel Gandhi is correct. Once we have accepted Gandhiji's concept of non-violence we have to abide by that. The moment we go out of that we have to withdraw from that. So If I were in the position of Gandhi and having accepted non-violence as the prime point, I might have acted in the same way.
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    When ever a mass movement happens the law and order would go out of hand. If I were in the shoes of Mahatma Gandhi, the firm planning would be done by mobilizing the police and law enforcement agencies as in front of them the mass would be behaving within their limits. History is the witness that whenever the violence took place, that was free for all at the instigation and the police were not present in that area. Whereas now a days the police are not taking chances and they keep the platoon ready to attack for any eventuality and the same would be arranged if I was in that place.
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    Gandhiji was a person very much against any type of violence and whoever does it he would never vouch for it. He had a strong ideology and I am afraid to say that I do not have any guts to think differently as what Gandhiji did at that time and believing in his ideology most of us and particularly myself would had done same thing if I were in his place. Gandhian philosophy is the unique one and has no precedence. First time the whole world saw the power of non violence and the whole world was also surprised and amazed by what Gandhiji could achieve which many emperors could not achieve with wars and destruction.
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