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    CAG's negative report on Swachbharat

    CAG is known to be the bench mark independent organization which bring out reports on any discrepancies or illegal or failures of functioning of govt. Organization. Mr.Modi our PM started Swachbharat programme in 2015. For this, his government levied 0.5% cess on IT and GST collections from public of India. Government ordered this collection of cess is only upto 2017. Through this cess they collected a mamoth amount of 20,632 crores of rupees. The government thought that they should utilize this upto 2019. But the government continued collected this cess even after 2017 till 2019 and thereby 4,891 crores were additionally collected.This was not asked by any body and the people are unaware about it. In the account it was shown more than 8 crores toilets were constructed in this program throughout India. But when CAG surveyed 60% of this toilets are in poor quality and even they were not properly maintained and thus they become useless.In some states like Gujarat and Uttarkhand without constructing toilets bills were paid. The accounts were not properly maintained by government and still 2069 crores were unutilized by the government where the government at the beginning thought every paise has to be completely utilized for Swachbharat program. In total CAG gave a final report that this Swachbharat program as failure. How a government mismanage such a huge fund collected from public? Much of the fund collected for this purpose was excessively used for its advertisements. Dear ISC members give your valuable opinions on this issue.
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    It is like the fence eating crops. In fact, we really do not know how the government funds are spent. When the government or ministry quotes some number, we believe it and don't go behind it to verify the fact. If government has spent the fund to construct 8 crores toilets in India, who would check and count 8 crores toilets. They might not have constructed, but put the money in their pockets. Government allot funds; they receive completion report on papers in collaboration with contractors; and the government clears their bills; money goes into pockets. They publish ads, inaugurate, maintain records. All paper work, but nothing physically.
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    This is really disturbing report. The efforts of the government was sincere to provide toilets to every home and a whooping amount was allotted, but there seems to be no supervising on the quality of the toilets thus constructed or made and thus the contractors made the cool money and the government has been blamed for the project. Nevertheless the contractors must be made accountable for any laps on their part as to whether they followed the quality control norms and how they compromised to grease the hands of those involved in the cheap toilet constructions. Now the government is answerable.
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    In India, it is a practice always. to pay more for civil works so that the people involved in sanctioning the contracts will also get benefitted. More than 50% of the funds will go into the pockets of various people starting from Jr. Engineer to the topmost officer.
    Many initiatives taken by the government are good but always they fail in execution. What is planned is different and what happened on the ground is different. I think the same thing happened in this case also. I say the program is very good and if we understand the importance and implemented in true spirits we might have seen something different. But that has not happened.
    Many taxes are introduced like this for a temporary period but they have become permanent and common man never know about these issues and then go on paying. The government should stop collecting this tax at least now. I hope the government will do that. This is a clear case of wastage of money and it is the failure of the governments.

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