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    What do religious practices lead one to?

    Our forefathers had possibly seen the emerging world and the bane of excessive commercialism. They would not have forecasted the advent of the IT revolution, but they would have possibly felt that one day, every human being associated with the most modern technology, will lose control over themselves and then break up all relationships.

    To control this trend and enable a certain amount of peace in families, verious religious practices were encouraged. For example, the Navarathri festival is celebrated wtih a religious fervor that cannot be seen anywhere in the world. The Durga Pooja in West Bengal is something similar. Among other others, such religious practices help people shed egos at least to some extent. There is every possibility that people are a little more concerned about one another's suffering and would even share their wealth with others. The mass feeding on some festival is possibly a step in this direction. A semblence of unity among people and a lot of joy can be often seen.

    I have seen this in the villages of the lovely town called Pollachi, neear Coimbatore. During festival time, relatives and friends of at least ten families come together. They might have settled in UK or the USA, but the ten days of relaxation and life at a leasurily pace is something that has to be seen to be believed. Possibly, the same exists elsewhere too.

    Members may share their own experiences with similar festivals. I think the wider context of love for fellow human beings and the urge to serve others is one common theme that is common to these festivals and religious practices,
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    Normally if the food is not available in the house, we go to hotels or mess for food. Similarly in those days the people were in joint families or families with many members. For them it was not affordable to eat as they please whenever they intended and is difficult to provide everything to all members frequently. But to satisfy the house members the celebrations of festivals came into vogue. On that day they used to prepare different dishes, sweets etc., and serve family persons as well to friends and relatives. Now many of us engaged in IT companies and earning more than that period. Moreover due to the science the world become shrinked into a palm level that is through mobile we can order food and other items as we please. Since we get everything in no time, we start thinking why such festivals, what is the purpose etc., But in the real sense the festivals are designed to enjoy unity with the family members on a particular day and by forgetting everything we can enjoy pleasure on the day.
    Besides this we can spiritually say that the festivals are designed to at least offer our thanks to the creator for giving this birth, facilities etc. In daily routine if one do all his spiritual duties assigned to him by his religion it is all good but many people do not do so, for them at least one day, on the festival day, he or she can think the supreme power.

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    Religious practices will teach us the good aspects of life. The concept of 'I' will take a low key and "WE' will take the leading role. All the festivals like the Navarathri are being celebrated in a big way in the villages. Generally, some youth with a similar mind will form a society and manage these functions in the streets. All of them will work like a single-family and try to see that the program will go well. That will teach them the importance of teamwork and how well they can perform as a team. When we talk to them all of them will say that we are planning and we are doing. But they never say I am doing or I am planning. This is a very good concept which will be helpful in their life.
    We are 5 brothers and 4 sisters. We all settled in different places in India. But we make it a point that all of us should meet in our native place for a week during Vijayadashami. So we all with our families go there and the time we pass will be like a festival every day only. We are continuing this practice and I hope we will continue the same.

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    There are some festivals in our life which brings the people united even though they are well settled and stay put in different places and the countries. One Such festival is the Sankranthi, the harvest festival wherein the farmers would be welcoming the new crops thus produced and reaped. Many people in AP are the farmers and hold some lands through which the cultivation takes place. The four days festivities starting from the Bhogi to the Mattu Pongal would be so enjoying and enriching. In AP there is one more importance attached to this festivity as the cock fight with heavy betting would takes place and very big people would be having the fierce fight between their well nurtured cocks and it is the prestige issue for the Andhra people to win this fight and prove their supermacy in their own village against all odds.
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