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    Pushing workmen to one corner and depriving their rights is no solution

    The new labour laws amendment, it has been reported, will effectively take away the right of the workers to even go on peaceful strikes. This is totally unjust and against all norms of a democratic society. In one stroke, the Government of India seeks to undo what the workmen had achieved through decades of struggle.

    It must be noted that most employers have already milked all the loopholes under the exisitng laws to deprive the organized educated and uneducated labor of any sense of social security. The atrocious NEEM scheme, where not even PF or ESI was payable, was one instance. Today, the latest laws will only bring the workmen back to the streets.

    Already, the violent strikes are a thing of the past. Employers can always hire casual or contract labor and get them to work under harsh conditions. Many companies do not even provide the subsidized food, that they are supposed to provide if the number of employees crosses a particular number. Every single loophole has already been exploited and since the workmen do not get high wages, the disastrous effect on the economy is already there for all to see, particularly after 2014. It should be noted that the new laws have provision for what is called "fixed term employment". Something similar had been implemented in Rajasthan by the then BJP Government. Today reports indicate that 43% of all organized labour is on contract in Rajasthan.

    Contract labour is no solution to industrial peace. Therre are organizations that have only regular employees for up to 85% and they are too good -- the production and productivity are simply world-class. Enlightened HR practices are the only answer.
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    It is the fact that workmen in the factories are being battered from the various sides and it is for them to decide as to what to be done. So many labor unions in the same factory gives rise to varied kind of confrontation as one union would prevail upon the labors to follow their rules and work. In this context the workmen are more confused and cornered. Few months back the TSRTC bus strike was going on with a JAC backing it. Once the JAC was out for the reasons better known to them the various working unions joined and intensified the strike. The govt invoked ESMA laws and even removed many workmen from the services and that has created a insecure feeling among them and they sent feelers to the CM KCR to come for negotiation table to concede their just demands and in fact the govt announced more and thus stir ended.
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    This is the problem in India. During the 1970s and 80s, the unions were on their peak and industries were not running properly. But slowly there is a change. Management was able to run the show. But now slowly the unions are becoming very ineffective and not able to fight it now. Further, if we make the laws to favour the management, the workers will become very ineffective and the management may use them as slaves. Add to this majority of unions are headed by political leaders and they always will have their personal agendas and in that process, they sacrifice the welfare of the workmen. All these issues put together the worker is becoming a scapegoat.
    The government should consider these points and see that there will be a balancing act. Interests of both the parties should be equally addressed. Industrialisation is very important in our country. The well being of an industry depends on the workmen also. So they should also be seen and the government should not overlook their welfare while bringing changes and making amendments.

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    Sirs, the ILO will also come into the picture in one way or the other. The exploitation of workers has to stop. Please go to Google and try "employment practices at KPR Mills", Coimbatore.

    This employer employs hundreds of unmarried girls. He gives them reimbursement of higher studies cost. He gives them superb vegetarian food at a highly subsidized cost. He gives them PF and even during Corona, the factory is running. The owner believes in sharing the profits with these employees. In turn, the girls call him "Appa". A full youtube video is available on the enlightened HR practices. I will raise a separate thread on these superb practices, that are often quoted in HR conferences.

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    Many of the schemes provided to the workmen in an industry have been withdrawn including the subsidies meals, though saving by doing so is not so significant but such a step taken up by the management further deteriorates the smooth relationship between the management and the workmen. We have seen during the regime of 1970 and 1980 that union leaders were very much active at all stages making the workmen indisciplined and lethargic to achieve the production set by the industry but then there was no way to discipline them.
    With the progress of time, the leaders lost their bargaining capacity and now it was the turn of the management to exploit the workmen with the new set of rules. Since the workmen lost their bargaining power, they had to follow the rules introduced by the management including the casual labour force culture where the workmen were paid half the amount as emoluments compared to regular workmen. In that way, management has been able to save huge amount by way of their salaries. Then there are other harassments not paying emoluments for the off days, no medical treatment for their families etc. Though these steps are disappointing but there is no way for the workmen to come out with such situations.

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    Employees of any industry or organization are the assets to the management and the welfare of the workforce should be looked after by each company. While unions inside the organizations are there to address the issues of the workers there are unions who continuously raise their demands without considering whether it will be beneficial to the organization or not. The rising unemployment in our country is really a serious issue and if organizations try to take this opportunity to deceive the workers then it will be absolutely unethical. Ultimately, the organizations will suffer in the long run in terms of the quality of the manufactured goods because the more qualified persons will look for better opportunities in sectors where the benefits of the employees will be looked after.

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