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    Never spoil belief of one especially parents

    We all spending our day to day life with beliefs. Belief is the part and parcel of life in many of us. We believe a bus driver who is unknown to us that he will drop us in required place with safe. We board in a flight or train by believing the driver or pilot's safe driving whose face unknown to us. A child believe his/her father that he will do best to him or her. But it is pity to see when a father or mother deceived by their son or daughter after the marriage making the parents washing their hands off. In many houses, the daughter in law are suspected for the quarrel between her and the in laws. But it is observed in some places that the sole reason is the sons and not Daughter in laws. As the parents blindly believe their son as a good person, the boy took advantage and do his role with negative as if he tired with the parents activities and the parents do not suspect their son.
    An old man was travelling in the train with his wife and grown son as the son took them from the village to the city where he got a good job. As the parents were enjoying the travelling with the son, the father joyfully asking the son about this and that. After a ten minutes gap the son sullen on his father as he found irritated with his questions. Father kept mum afterwards but the mother by seeing this started weeping. Puzzled son asked the mother the reason for her weeping. The mother by wiping her tears told,'No son, when you are a small boy we traveled in a train and you were putting questions by questions on your father about this and that. Your father also without tiring or changing his face explaining everything to you though you are asking the same questions again and again. But by seeing your activity on your father I could not control me'.
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    Nice post from the author. No parents would ever suspect the behavior of their son either before marriage or after marriage. However it is the daughter in law influence on the son would have greater impact and in that process the commitment of son towards the parents would be questionable and yet the parents would never feel the difference as the son's behavior would normal as per their intuitions. However it is the relative or the other close family friend would spot the difference of the son's behavior and thus feed the venom in to the minds of parents and that would be the turning point for sore relations. Every son is duty bound to respect the parents and behave in such a way that their belief in him would never subsidize. After all parents are not going to stay for long and they must be kept happy till they live.
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    I agree. Our parents will have some expectations from their children. when their children are kids, the parents try to see that their children will be happy. They go the extra mile to give happiness to their children. I know some parents satisfy with water for that night by giving whatever food they have to their children. So the children should remember these points and when they require some help from the children in their old age they should respond positively.
    during my childhood, I have seen the troubles taken by my parents. So I always try to see that my parents are happy these days. I want them to come and stay with me in Hyderabad. But they want to stay in their native place only. So I go there very frequently and see that all the arrangements for their maintenance are available to them. Some of my close friends stay there and they will see that there will not be any problem for them. During this pandemic, I stayed with them for 3 months and then my brother was there from the last three months.
    In any aspect, children should not spoil the beliefs of their parents.

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