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    Are we dependent on others or can we live without others

    I happened to see a debate on this topic whether we can live without others. On one side a lady spoke that we should live without depending on others and she cited many quotes in support. The person on the other side told that we depend on others some how or other every moment.

    To be true, we all depend on others right from the time we get up from the bed. We look for the milkman, vegetable vendor, paperboy etc. Then when moving tp the office we depend on the bus driver or auto driver or if we going by our own vehicle, we expect others to pave the way to us on the road. Besides everything, we depend on our employer to give work as well as salary.

    We expect a bearer to serve us coffee when we go to a hotel, a tailor to stitch our shirt, a cobbler to mend our shoes and so on. So to say that we are not dendent on anyone would be wrong. No one can survive without seeking any assistance from others. What do you say?
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    There is a saying in Telugu which says even a gold plate requires wall support to stand. That is true. We require many supports in our life. Without support, we can't manage everything. You have to depend on your wife for getting some cooked food to eat. Your wife may depend on you for dropping her near her office. Like this, during our life, we require support in many ways from others. We can't manage everything on our own.
    Our servant maid stopped coming from April 1st, of this year. In our, we are feeling her absence. The workload increased to almost all of us in one way or other. Now everybody understood the necessity of a servant maid. We may be having a lot of money. But in this world without help from others, you can live.
    But some people think that we are having money so people will come to them for serving so that they will earn money. But that is not true. Even the richest person in the world also required somebody to carry his body from the house to burial ground. One should remember this.

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    We cannot live without any help from others and our lives are dependent on people everywhere. Presently I am replying to this thread because there is internet connectivity and somebody is looking after the internet services from some corner so that we all remain connected. We are talking to others remotely with the help of so many devices and many people are busy to manufacture those devices and to keep those devices functional if there is an issue. Likewise, in every sphere of our lives somehow we are dependent on others. The lady in the debate who told people not to depend on others may have meant something considering a few other aspects of life. Let me give you an example to make it clear. Suppose in your family, there are 4 members and you require something which is available in the local market. If you are physically fit and can go to the market I think you should not depend on other family members to purchase that particular thing for you. In reality, there are many people who in spite of being able to carry out a task depend on others to do the job. I think, that lady in the debate spoke about those issues where we depend unnecessarily on others knowing full well that we ourselves can complete the task.

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    Without bondage and support, it is highly unexpected to lead a life. At the initial stages, a young man or woman can stay independently for a certain point of time based on the needs of the family. This can be for higher studies or their jobs. The same can not be continued as you need a person to express your thoughts and someone to care for you when you are ill. Someone has to control our thoughts and help us distinguish between good and bad. If these things are not catered to maybe we will end up in a wrong path, leading to massive destruction of health, wealth and personality too.
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    Though the idea of every citizen is to live on their own without others support or guidance, sometimes the reasons beyond our control would force us to seek others intervention and help. For example wife and husband relation is the give and take policy. Both are made for each other and cannot deny the fact that one should help other even in their own way. Likewise the relation between the children and parents are also on the same lines. Children cannot cope up without the help of parents even at their college levels. When a person thinks to live alone, when he was discarded by the society, not liked by his own people for his past acts, and when he wanted to live alone as being vexed with continued challenges of lives to which he cannot manage and feel shy of seeking help from others now and then and that is taxing his mind.
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