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    Why do divorces happen like never before?

    This is a hot topic. It is a divorce between two educated individuals. No one really knows or can understand the complexities involved. However, it does seem that there is a pattern, and this is just based on observations of situations and experiences as narrated by friends.

    The first problem seems to be the big toss between the old and the new that every educated male is undergoing. On the one hand, the wife has been educated and wants her "space". He/ she does not like the old ways of the mother-in-law or father-in-law or both. We also hear about big ego issues on either side.

    The next problem seems to be the craze to make maximum money in a short time and have lifestyles that are of out tune with what normal middle-class families are used to. This can result in maximum problems for both life partners and leads to further complications as there is no clarity on priorities in life.

    The third problem seems to be the burn out that happens even by the age of 35. That is, either of the life partners develops some serious medical complications and this makes life very complex indeed.

    How these problems are going to be resolved is a big billion dollar question. The professional counselors have their hands full. Yet, divorces keep increasing day after day. The spirit of tolerance, where the husband and wife would fight everyday and still get on with each other, seems to be missing.
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    The mentality of people is changing and people are becoming more self-centric. They want to have the freedom and they don't want any interference from anybody. The youth these days feel that they know everything that too much better than the previous generation people. Another aspect is the desires for luxuries. Everybody wants to have everything in their house. For them, earning money is the only way. So there is no proper understanding even between the wife and the husband. Both will go for earning and they will be discussing this money and comforts only.
    To have a stronger bond between both, they should have a better understanding between them. They have to share and care for each other. Then only the family relation will become strong. But if we see this relation also like any other commercial relation the divorces will increase.
    Those should never think that their bond is a life long bond and they should not think that all problems can be solved jointly and separation is not an answer to any problem.

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    There are many reasons for that. The first and foremost is that women are now independent and an earner of salary and no one can treat them in an aggressive or offensive ways. They can any time walk out leaving the husband just like that. Earlier this facility was only available to men. Other reason is nowadays people are living in nuclear families and have no idea about the joint family and the discipline and etiquette of that along with the responsibility taking mechanism. All that has now gone in drain and people are free and without constraint and I would say have become irresponsible towards family needs. In such situation more divorces are natural.
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    It is true that there is a lack of love because of financial disturbances which the first and foremost line which creates a crack on relationships.
    Secondly, none are ready to struggle hard to earn but always look out for the easy way. This in turn makes them lazy leading to multiple disorders or serious health problems.
    Thirdly, people love to live in a comfort zone and enjoy life. Spoon feeding attitudes make them addicted to electronic gadgets which cannot be either given up, as it is survival.
    The workloads have double up but the salaries have been slashed creating a tensed atmosphere leading to unnecessary arguments. If this problem is settled then people will live happily.

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    The more the educated, the young couples want to have their own life defined and leading and does not want others to dictate terms and they decide their own affairs is the attitude of many young couples and thus the joint family pattern of living is being scattered and the son part ways with the parents on listening to the wife's continued suggestion that they should live their own life. It is even allowed when they stayed in the vicinity of the parents. But what is happening that they are flying away to other countries and stay put their and not allowing the parents to visit them nor they would visit India. And those who are unable to undergo the ordeal of the mother in law's brick bats are applying for the divorce as they even prefer to live singles. The earning ego among the women and society support are making them taking decisions of divorce such easily.
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    It is true that the reason for the conflict is a lack of patience and increasing ego and that is why many times divorce comes about. Also, due to globalization, economic liberalization, and changes in socio-moral values, women's thinking has changed. She has also become aware of her rights. And now she does not want to compromise with her dignities. Young people conscious of maintaining their independent existence, career, and dignity. But this does not mean that they do not want to live with each other. They want to be a couple but do not bear torture or any other force. True participation is possible only when there are love and trust towards each other.

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    People are being arrogant, egoistic and indisciplined day by day due to globalization. In early times, people had a lot of patience in taking care of the family. Happiness and sorrow were the same for all family member but today does not like that. People are going to be selfish. If one member is in trouble then another member has no connection with it within the same family. Individualism concept has started in every family. Every person wants their own dignity. They have no scope for sacrifice, love and emotion like moral value. As a result of it, the divorce rate is increasing in our society. Economic independence has been one of the main reason for conflict between the couple. Nowadays, in most of the families, husband and wife both are bread winner. So, the wife always takes their own decision. She doesn't want any kind of constraint on the way of independence. On the other hand, the role of a husband has been dominant nature in the family. So, conflict starts between the couple. A true relationship exists only when there are love, understanding and respect for each other.

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