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    Is there any police force in UP?

    Day in and day out, one hears the horror stories of rape and murder and daylight robberies and whatnot, from the State of UP. One really wonders whether there is any law and order at all. Or whether the police force is at all present.

    On top of it all, UP remains one of the most corrupted states in India. It is the export house of millions of uneducated labor, who do not know a single word of English. Since everything is done in Hindi, and since the fanatics do it this way for the most selfish reasons ( this State reportedly has the maximum number of politicians who make their sons and daughters study in the best of English medium schools and colleges), the poor labor who are uneducated and are mostly non-maticulates, have no choice but to migrate to other cities. The Chief Minister made a ridiculous claim that those who wanted to employ the labor from his State, had to seek his permission!!!

    Are cimes the external manifestation of increasing frustration in UP? This Hindi-State should make an ungent introspection of what is going on. Otherwise, it will always remain backward. And the crimes will continue to happen.
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    The UP was a very big state and there was no development. Even though many PMs of India were from this state, the state never has seen good progress. The State was divided into 3 Stated I remember and the present UP is a part of the original UP State.
    I hear different opinions from different people on this subject. I heard that the State government has initiated good schemes. The government is trying to create more jobs. Once this works out the State may improve.
    But this thread says a different version. The police force of UP should see that such problems will be stopped and actions will be taken on the people responsible for this.

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    Due to larger area of UP, it was split up three states so that there could be effective administration in such regions., However, there has not been significant change in respect of administration. May be this is lack of education among the people. The students living in this state have not developed any passion for English and they find a lot of difficulties in their higher education. The goondas are roaming freely and creating terrors in the states. Though the present chief minister has taken several steps to contain the present goondaism of antisocial elements but still a lot of administrative reforms are required.

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    Every state in India has its own share of struggle and UP is no different. Yes, crime has happened and it is brutal but labeling the entire state as uneducated, corrupt, and backward is a narrow interpretation. No one can choose his place of birth as it happens naturally. It is the state of mind of the person committing a crime and not the state that is to blame. A criminal can be in any of the states in India.

    Yes, crime has happened and that too a very horrific one but that does not mean that crime does not happen in other states. Even Delhi, Kerala, and other states have an equally horrific number of crimes. Considering the humungous population of this state the rate of crime will still be similar or same to other states.

    Yes, the politicians are corrupt and mean but so are the politicians all over the country. No state is clean when it comes to politics. Politicians purposefully keep common people deprived of basic needs to use them as their vote bank and this is not something to be explained.

    Yes, the state exports labor to other states, and these labor only give their life day and night to build a city or a metro for their survival.

    Yes, the state administration and police are corrupt but that does not make the police of other states clean. In India people are more afraid of the police rather than a criminal as criminals do not have a dress code for identification.

    Yes, the English language is not a very common language in this state and the majority find it diffcult to use but that does not make them backward or uneducated. The English language is a forced language and not our mother tongue. It is a systematic failure of the education system and not of the state itself. English as a means of instruction is okay considering the diversity of this country but remaining in the colonial mindset is not welcome.

    Yes, the Chief Minister did say that his permission will be required if other states want to hire labor from the state, so what is wrong in that? How these laborers are treated or have been treated during the pandemic is not something to be reminded of. At least, the Chief Minister has the heart not to treat them just as labor but humans who also have a life and dignity. People in other states call them 'bhaiya', mistreat them, pay them less than they deserve. What not they suffer just for survival.

    Yes, UP is a Hindi state but so are the other states which use their own language for sake of ease and comfort. India is a diverse country and each state has its own language, so where is the fault in using Hindi. Countries have developed and thrived using their own languages like Japan, Russia, China, Korea, and more. Not able to speak English is not something to be ashamed of but something to work on.

    Yes, UP has been a hotbed of criminals and politicians only nurture them to get their dirty work done and for sure things have now changed a big-time where criminals feel safe in jail rather than outside.

    UP has the most hardworking and sincere people who migrate to other states and countries give their lives to build that state or country. No one wants to leave their birthplace and start afresh in a new state or country.

    This nation is a conglomeration of diverse cultures, language, thinking, and religions but still, it is holding together. This is the beauty of India and to pinpoint a state for its lacunae is like creating a rift between two states and making a comparison to prove the superiority of one over the other.

    Things have been bad and so has been for this entire country but changes do happen but at a slow pace and sensibility and unity among people is what is needed the most to choose a correct person/politician who will be responsible for our betterment. This very difference is what crooked politician needs to make us fight amongst us and they rule over us.

    I cannot call it just one incident but this is a blot on humanity itself. People have stooped to such a horrific level that they don't even value human life and the culprits should be hanged without mercy. Set an example, as that what deters crime, mercy, and forgiveness of people and the court process is what criminals always bet on after committing the crime.

    Live before you leave.

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    It is the fact that UP has become most happening states in terms of crimes and police highhandedness even during the lock down and it seems since past many years the police were given the powers to act that way keeping aside the rules and guidelines apart. The recent incident is blot on the government which may claim it as the isolated incident to which govt cannot be held responsible but the way the police behaved has brought shame to the government and proper hauling has to be done to bring back glory to the police department. What is more disturbing is the fact that the strict laws and punishment are never cared by the crime doers and there seems to be free for all doing various crimes and many are not reported in the media. Nevertheless PM Modi must intervene in this affair and set right the issues.
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    I do not know why the author got this doubt. The police in Uttar Pradesh is very much there and quite active too in dealing with cases in their own way. They might not be able to prevent crimes from happening in the State, but they are making headlines frequently with their style of action in various cases. Under the able guidance of the Chief Minister Mr. Ajay Mohan Bisht, the State is administered to the best of his ability.
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    KVVR Sir, the CM seems to be the great Yogi Adityanath and not the person who has been named by you. It is the same CM who created maximum trouble for the minorities by his hate speeches in New Delhi, where the BJP lost the election so badly. Every single day, there is some report about how the State of UP is so bad and backward. There is absolutely no law and order in this State. Yet the PM does not even open his mouth to condemn such acts of violence.

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    Shri Chaurasia, Maharashtra is also another State where Hindi is widely spoken, at least in the big cities. Even Gujarat is almost the same. Yet, why is that most educated persons speak far better English. It is ridiculous to claim that Russia and China have their own language. Please be informed, China has taken to English in such a big way. By the end of ten years from now, it is reported that China will have ten times the number of people who can speak, read, and write in English.

    For your kind information. even in INSEAD, which is the third-best B school in the world, and is in Paris, the language used is not French, but English. And I do hope you know that in all of Europe, only English is the medium in courses like Engineering, Medicine, Management and what have you. In our own Tamil Nadu, we do give maximum importance to Tamil and to English as well. It is only because of the English-speaking engineers that our State is the third-largest IT exporter of India. How long do you want your people to suffer? How long do you want to exploit them?

    It was reported that the useless former Chief Minister, Mulayam Singh Yadav wanted only Hindi in the State and wanted to banish English. It was also reported that people revolted against him. Do you know that the IAS officers from your own State, have done so good work here in Tamil Nadu? They had taken their examinations only in English. And do you know that they speak Tamil so fluently, as they know that Hindi will not take them so far? Do you want to imply that if your people do not even know how to speak in English, they can enter into the private sector? Does UP have any IT company at all? Why are people so blind to the fact that the entire world is taking to a global language, that has already brought about a big revolution in India in terms of the development of an educated class, and has also exported so many hundreds of thousands to all parts of the world?

    Sir, hope you would be knowing that there is a competitive examination called IELTS. If you do not pass this examination, you cannot study abroad. From the same UP, there are smart parents who have educated their children in good English medium schools. Do you know that there is a big chunk from UP in a prestigious deemed University, called VIT, in Tamil Nadu? Ditto for SRM as usual. And yes, they also migrate abroad.

    We are never against Hindi. But trying to imply that it is the only solution for development, is ridiculous. You now have one of the worst Chief Ministers and we have seen pictures of dogs in the neds in Government hospitals. Please do highlight all these facts and at least try to do something. If you start hating English, as most in your SDtate do, nothing can happen. I do not even know if your people in your highly under-developed State, will even accept that English as important than your mother tongue, which is Hindi.

    At now, people like your goodself should wake up and start a movement. Otherwise, you will be left behind by 50 years.

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    @ABSivakumar sir, you are welcome to have your opinion and judgements, we all are. If you read the reply as debate then it's a different matter and if as a matter of discussion then it's totally different.

    Infact we have suffered because of politicians and continue to remain divided due to these politicians only. If you judge a person on the basis of what news and media shows you then the judgement is and will remain biased.

    As a matter of fact I am having this discussion in a common language and there is no hate for it.

    Being educated can grant you a right to form an opinion but not a right to pass judgements. It is not a political debate that needs dragging but a discussion that needs constructive suggestions.

    Live before you leave.

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    Sir, am as much bothered about anyone else. There is no debate at all. We are looking at current realities. Please do realize that hatred for English, will only pull down your State by so many years. Please do also note that the more shrewd people of your own State, like the IAS officers, are going ahead, only because they are uneducated. I am not biased.

    This is also not to claim that our State is all milk and honey. Yes, we have one of the worst corrupt politicians in Tamil Nadu. But development has also happened.. We are right on top in terms of education.

    Coming back, please do note these constructive suggestions. First, give as much importance to English as you would to Hindi, even in the Government schools. Impress on your great CM to even import good anglo-Indian teachers and pay them well and get a new revolution to happen.

    Second, mercilessly shoot down the rapists in encounters. Shoot the criminals in encounters. Empower the police to act against every offender. Only such harsh measures will bring about peace. Thirdly, improve the ecosystem for the industry in your State. Fourth, please force your State politicians to act and not merely talk. Let them see ground realities and then talk. Am afraid you do not have a single leader in the Kamaraj mold. I do not know if you know anything about this great man. He was a legend. The base for the massive industrialization was laid during his rule. His bank balance was Rs.1.23 when he died.

    You need at least three dozen honest politicians. At least someone like Nitish Kumar. Go on bombarding the media with facts and figures. Build a movement. This is the fifth point.

    The sixth suggestion is to learn from others. Go to different States and learn from them. It is fine to have an IIM at Lucknow, but it is another different story if a good number from your own State do not study there. I do not know the statistics, but there is always scope for improvement.

    The seventh suggestion is to have Export Processing Zones (EPZ). If you want an example, there is the first-ever EPZ established here, by the Mahindra and Mahindra group, on the outskirts of Chennai. Impress your politicians to create such EPZs. Once the development process starts kicking in, there will some progress.

    I have many more points to talk about, but would do so later.

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    It is not the state machinery alone that will enable law and order in a given state. You need the support of the overall community. The state of UP and Bihar are not very coo operative in this manner partially due to the nuisance of casteism and other such social maladies. The latest crimes in Hathras and Balampur reflect that.

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    There is a kind of social anarchy in these two states if I can sum up in just two words.

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    Mr.Sivakumar, you have to read between the lines to understand my response. The name of the Chief Minister mentioned by me is very much correct. It was the original name of the so-called Yogi Adityanath.

    " Be Good and Do Good "

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    UP and Bihar are two states which are well known for their political disturbances and there is always a fight between the bureaucrats and politicians there. Some leaders have taken advantage of the social fabric of the state and as there is much poverty in some pockets the leaders would misguide the local people also. Law and order was a big issue in these states. Though crimes are happening everywhere in our country but these two states are well known for the notorious criminals. Police are also sometimes at their wits end in confronting the criminals who always try to escape from them and many times are killed in an encounter also. Present CM is a tough and rough person but he has also got his limitations in dealing with hard cored politically protected criminals.
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    KVVR Sir, I did not know what you have stated. He is commonly referred as Yogi in Tamil Nadu; he is widely hated for his extreme views and people classify him as a goonda. He has done nothing so far and his record is a big zero. I do not know why Modi wants to support him at all. He is easily the worst Chief Minister of UP since Independence.

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