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    How about part-time politics to reduce corruption?

    This is not about politics and I am not going to suggest what politicians should do to make the country progress. Rather, this thread is a suggestion to find a way to cleanse politics. We talk about reforms in politics to reduce corruption. The government at the centre was directed earlier to find ways to decriminalize politics. There are many debates in many sections about reducing the corrupt practises by the politicians.

    Now think of this from a different angle. We all are professional and many have expertise in some domain. Along with managing our profession we also do a lot of things like indulge in hobbies, associate in some social activities, etc and there are people who excel in other activities beyond their domain of work. Though not everybody does such things beyond their profession because there are many who cannot manage time. Now, if a law is enacted where only professionals will be allowed to rule the country will it help to reduce corruption? It is something like part-time politics. For those politicians, the hour of work in the office may be reduced to a great extent like three to four hours a day and the rest will be there to rule the country. Then the rulers will have a good idea about the professions and they will be able to address the problems of each profession effectively. Politics will not be their only source of income and because of this, there may be less corruption. Politicians are eager for power because of money associated with power but being a professional may reduce the greed for money to some extent and more interestingly every politician will be qualified to a certain limit to carry out specific tasks. In that case, we can expect sensible behaviour from the politicians. If a professional in any organization can manage other things effectively, will it be too difficult to manage the country? Most of the day, the politicians waste their time in criticizing and quarrelling with the others and they can effectively utilise this time and remain engaged in a profession.
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    I don't think part-time or full time may not do the difference. Many IAS officers and IPS officers are there who are educated and now the administration better. But the important issue is the thinking of the people is important. By nature, they should think that they should not deviate from the ethical path. A professional working as a part-time politician maybe like sailing on two boats at one time.
    I know an IAS officer who resigned and joined in politics. I know a CBI officer who resigned and joined in politics. I know some professors who were in politics. But none of them is able to make a mark for them in politics. They were made scapegoats by some politicians. I know some professional doctors who joined politics and they behaved much worst than the regular politicians. I feel the best way to clean politics is to stop criminals from contesting in elections. That will ensure that some good people without any criminal background to come to politics and that will be the starting process for cleaning the politics.

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    Please note that a person enters the politics to make money and for that he spends huge money. For even the panchayat and the local body elections crores are spent with the hope that they make over the money spent during their elected stint. But invariably only one can win and others even lose their deposits. But even those who lost the elections have clandestine dealings with the ruling party members and Ministers and they get their works done through via middlemen and good feelers. That kind of worst politics is going on and there is no place for getting rid of corruption as of now.
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    The author has given a different suggestion through his thread but I do not know whether corruption can be reduced by doing so because the country appears on the path of progress in all areas, but our head is bowed down on corruption. The government changes, but cases of corruption keep coming up. Despite the instructions of the Supreme Court and the efforts of the CBI, corruption cases emerge at the highest level. Most of the culprits have not been punished for lack of evidence. Not being punished despite the provision of law in the constitution reflects the inability to curb corruption and weak will to do so. Corruption is becoming a matter of concern. But now there is no seriousness in that concern. For those who are affected by corruption, corruption is also not a serious concern, because they get ready to become corrupt themselves when given the opportunity. Therefore, the public anger against corruption should not be seen everywhere.

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