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    When the CBI had no evidence then why Babri case dragged for 28 years?

    In a far reaching decision by the court, all the 32 accused in the Babri Masjid demolition case were acquitted as the CBI failed to provide the evidence to the court and thus the case has been pronounced closed. But the main contention is that the CBI was appointed during Congress regime to investigate and even after 28 years it could not provide the evidences against the big stalwarts like LK Advani, Murli Manohar Joshi, Kalyan Singh, Uma Bharathi, Vinay Katiyar and others and that proves that the case was forced upon to gain political mileage.
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    The author might be right in saying that the Babri Masjid case was forced on luminaries like L.K.Advani, Murali Manohar Joshi, Uma Bharati, and others to gain political mileage. If they were really involved, the Central Bureau of Investigation might have produced credible evidence to prove the case against them. The accused might have suffered a lot of mental agonies all these years for a false case foisted against them by the then Government. This judgment proved that truth always triumphs even belatedly. The Babri Masjid might have come down on its own because it was an old structure. "Satyameva Jayate"
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    The case was between Congress and BJP. It is the political enmity not religious enmity. Congress leaders wanted the BJP stalwarts to go to jail. Advani and Joshi party did not carry anything and did not go to Babri Masjid, and did not demolish the structure. The people who really involved in demolition act could not be caught and identified. The visible leaders were blamed for their act. Court did not want to go against the BJP leaders. They waited for the Ram Janmabhoomi case to complete. Now things have been set right with Ram Temple in its place, and place allotted for new Babri Masjid. Babri Masjid case also closed by acquitting the BJP top leaders.

    Law takes its own course by dragging it conveniently without any pull or push.

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    Let me take a neutral view to this whole drama . The entire Babri thing was to play down on a certain community. The court aquitted the politicians and once they were out. They started confessing they were indeed responsible for taking down the structure. This is a serious criminal offence in democracy. What the CBI did was another matter all together. This makes us question to what extent are these so called independant organizations truly independant from corruption and misuse of political power. We agree that the disputed site was of religious significance to folks of two major faiths in our country. One holding it as very important as a birthplace of the deity Ram. Yet in a democratic system for any dispute there is a judicial way of doing it. This entire clash of faith majority vs minority is'nt good for this nation. It will only result in deffraction between various communities. Performing forced operations in the name of religion when there's a valid consensus out there undermines the true spirit of democracy.

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    The demolition was not intentional. It happened as the leaders were not able to control the gathered people there and when the gathering was very high and nobody could stop it. But as said by KVRR, the Babri Masjid was an old structure. But it might not have come down on its own. There are people to repair and improve the old structures. If anyone visits Hyderabad and see the Moulaali arch, they will understand how much care we will take in protecting the old structures.
    It is good that all the accused in the Babri Masjid demolition case were acquitted. This is a good relief for all of them. In our court, it is the practice of CBI to start anything with maximum sound and in middle, they will come to the least possible and in the end, it will be zero.
    Many cases happened like this and the cases against the present AP Chief Minister are also like that only. After some years he may also be acquitted.

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    If a mob frenzy does some destruction or wrong thing then it becomes difficult for the legal system or the Govt to pin point the responsibility on some particular people. Same thing happened in case of Babri case. Though some people were named for the this alleged demolition activity but it is difficult to prove such instigation. There had been many similar cases where judiciary was not able to give a punishing verdict and acquitted the alleged people. This is nothing new happening as the history is full of such vague and ambiguous incidents.
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