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    Respect for the elder persons is not only a duty but also a proof of being human.

    Elders are our real capitals and we should always respect them. Nowadays our generation forgetting Indian culture and due to this, the respect of elderly parents, grandparents are declining. We should not forget that today we are here because of them only. We all should respect the elders. We should understand that senior citizens are an invaluable legacy of society. They have given a lot to the country and society. They have extensive experience in various walks of life.

    The United Nations decided to celebrate the International Day of Older Persons in 1990 to show the right direction to the society and the new generation and to honor the contribution of senior citizens to guide it.

    The elderly have always been respected. Not only on a particular day but every moment in the life of every person, there should be a sense of respect for their elders.

    All the writers on ISC are of different ages, and many experienced elderly writers are also among us, I wish all the members an International Day of Older Persons. I pray to God to keep all the elders healthy and safe so they and their invaluable blessings are always with us.

    Happy International Day of Older Persons - 2020.
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    I too wish all the members of ISC a happy international day 2020. The old people will have more maturity as they might have faced different testing times in their lives. So their own experiences may come in handy to the youth. If the youth gets that knowledge from old members they can face the situation in a different way, without any problem. Actually, the stories this older people recite to the kids will give a lot of inputs. For their knowledge and expertise, we should respect them always.
    As they become old, they may not be having the required physical strength, we have to help them in their physical activities and also we should respect them for their expertise. A bird who learned a few words from its boss will respect its boss. As such we, human beings having brains should understand that we have to respect them and take care of them so that they will be comfortable.

    always confident

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    On this International day for the elder persons, I convey my best wishes to those elders who are spread across the world and living with their own self confidence. Actually most of the elders are stay put in the home and not going out and their needs and necessities are not asked or done. It is our duty to ask every elder person about their immediate requirement so that we can help them with the items they sought. Elders always enjoy walking, gardening, fetching groceries and also going to banks and post offices. But the son and daughters are preventing them from leaving out and thus they can get bored and defeated in the life. How long they would watch tv and read the news paper. They need the break and at least would love to talk and play with the grand children and tht must be made possible during these days.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Parents know pretty well that their children would go the places of their interest in their rest of age. But ignoring that thought, they took the children to many places of interest by way of teaching them new items. A father took his son to many places of temples during his small age. But when the boy got married and planned to go to some places of temples ignore his parents to took with them. He replied the asked wife as,'Don't worry, they have seen many places in their age'. By hearing this one should realize how the aged parents mind felt.

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    In our culture it is well mentioned that we should respect the elderly people. We should know that one day we will also become old and we would also be expecting care from the younger people. So this is a chain of activities which is to be maintained.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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