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    Struggles and life are parallel to each other.

    The struggle is an integral part of this beautiful life. We see the power of the people but ignore the struggle they have fought to achieve that success. The greater a person becomes, the greater his struggle is in his life. Lord Sri Ram was the son of the king, but he spent fourteen years in exile struggling, it was the struggle of his life that made him the best man.

    There is conflict in the life of every human being, only his forms are different. We should not panic, it makes a person intrinsically beautiful and strong. It instills in us a sense of sacrifice and devotion to others. This is the power that lifelong works to awaken our consciousness. Every moment in life is a struggle, the difference is that those who deal with it with mental vigor and perseverance, overcome the struggle.

    The person who is afraid of struggling tries to run away from it, the struggle seems like a burden to him, due to which he becomes weak internally and is surrounded by failures on the path of life. Any great person in the world does not consider struggle as a burden.
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    in my opinion, they are two lines merged. If these two lines are parallel, we will not have any struggle in our life. We know in mathematics that two parallel lines will never meet each other. But in our life, it is something different. The struggle is a part and parcel of our lines. So if we consider life as a line and struggle as a line who can't see them separately. They will get merged. No struggle, no life. No life. no struggle.
    If a person wants to run away from all struggles, he has to run away from his life. It is not the correct attitude. Treat that also as part and parcel of life. As a matter of fact. we have to take this as an opportunity to learn and get experience. This is will be a great experience for us which will make us better-matured persons.
    We all know the more the polishing is done, the more shining will come. Before cutting if you see a diamond you never feel that it is a diamond. But once it was cut and polish we will understand the value of the diamond.

    always confident

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    The elders used to say that those who struggle a lot in the beginning of their life best things are in store for the future as the struggle time would vanish and good period sets in. And the struggles bring in fresh experience for us to go through and come out with success. Some times struggles has to be faced alone and it cannot be shared. The best example is the positive corona patient who has been stay put in the isolation ward for 14 days without meeting anyone or conversing with anyone. Though it is the taxing time for everyone, but a struggle sometimes take the toll of our best time and gives us the challenging period of even dragging to the threshold of the death. But those who fought the corona and came out winning are most welcomed and they now pass on the wisdom of how to be a good patient during the corona period.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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