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    Single thought has the capacity to spoil your whole day.

    Mind is very powerful and has the capacity to amplify anything and everything. It can amplify even simple thoughts to such an extent that the thought itself may start to look very dangerous. For example, I will grow old then what will happen. Now this mind can play havoc here, like creating more related thoughts in line with old age. It will start to think, once I grow old, I will become sick, my body will not support me, my childrens will leave me, medical expenses will be very high, will I be able to do my own works, etc.

    Now, this simple thought which is infact a reality which we all must face in times to come but the mind, just having this thought today made me feel anxious and a lot more bothered about the future. Just a thought and my whole day spent planning for future.

    What do members think of this little amplifier on top of our body?
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    The author is right a thought has the capacity to change our world. Today we are seeing the things made by human beings around us, all of them were the thoughts of some of the other, it is the thoughts that give a new shape to our world and make it better and better. This is the replication of our entire world, these thoughts, you can guess the power of ideas with just such a thing that every big and the smallest thing in the world is the result of these ideas. If a person thinks seriously and tries to complete it with a sincere heart, then he can progress as he wants, he can rise as much as he wants, which can be shown by doing something bigger than what he wants.
    There are good ideas that fill us with joy and encourage us to do something new and bigger. By the way, such thoughts are also very good for our health, in these thoughts, you get good feelings like the feeling of love, the feeling of happiness and satisfaction, etc. Our positive thinking, positive dialogues, and positive actions help us to move faster towards our success.

    Swati Sharma

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    That is why we should always have positive thoughts only in our mind. If we think that we can work vigorously even though my age is increasing, our mind will start working in that direction and we may get beautiful tips to see that our wishes are fulfilled.
    As mentioned by the author if we go for bad thoughts the mind will completely occupy itself in that only and we will lose the time and our mind will become sick. My grandfather used to tell me that if you have any problem also you should set your mind saying that we are going to win over the problem. If we start fearing for the problem, the issue will take over us and we will be at a loss finally. He used to say me to think that I can do the best and I will get every support. I fully endorse his statement and I say we should be positive always and plan for winning but not to avoid a defeat.

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    Actually we should not give the chance to our mind to roam about. It will create new thoughts and renew the same thoughts again and again. Post corona most of the elders whose daughters and sons are in other countries and could not return to India for obvious reasons are now feeling the loneliness and missing the family bonding of the children and grand children. Some are keeping on discussing the same problems again and again and getting the blood pressure increase to their body. Positive thinking is must and we must divert the elders not to think of too much about the future and the present is good and going.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    I don't think that thoughts have the capacity to spoil a day rather I would say our worries have the capacity to spoil anything. The mind is extremely powerful but if it is not working for you and goes against you it can create a lot of mess. Thoughts will come which is quite natural but thoughts should not make us worried. We remain worried because at that point we are doubtful whether we will be able to handle the situation or not. Instead of this, we need to find out what actions we can take to handle such situations. Unnecessary thinking makes us worried and that is what we should avoid. What makes people worried is the future which nobody can see. Planning for the future is good but worrying for the future is a wastage of time.

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