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    Again - A shameful shocking incident with a daughter of the country.

    There is an atmosphere of anger in the entire country due to what happened to the Hathras gang-rape victim. The criminals have crossed all limits of humanity. The gang-rape victim was cremated last night in Hathras, Uttar Pradesh. It is alleged that the police forcibly performed the last rites without the will and presence of the family. In this case, a clarification was sought from the State Police on behalf of the National Commission for Women, to which the reply has now come.

    Like Corona, cases of increasing rapes are spreading like an epidemic in the country. Even though women are worshiped as goddesses in India, there is a form of this country that not only women but even small innocent girls are not safe here. Many times, small clothes of girls are said to be the main reason for rape in the country.

    The law and order in India are good, but the punishment given to many people for rape here is very less. There is a lot of corruption in India and due to this money people get raped and get away easily. The number of rapists who are punished is very less.

    To prevent the increasing rape in India, not only the government but our society should also do something about the safety of women, or else our daughters will continue to bear the brunt of crime.
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    A quick and very severe punishment to the victims is required for controlling these activities. But in India judgements will come very late. The police will manage the issues. Politicians support the culprits. This is the situation in our country. So people have no fear.
    Ours is a democratic country and we always see the victim and the culprit equally. We try to find a reason for the act of the culprit in which we can infer that there is something wrong from the victims. If good police take a chance and kill the culprit in an encounter human rights people will swing into action and defend the culprit. A very sad state of affairs.
    Majority of the people are good. But a small portion of the public are creating these problems and unfortunately, that small portion will always have a backing of some politician s

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    Though strict laws are enacted and even punishments meted out the hooligans and the loafers are not getting the lesson and keep on committing the crime and the parents are at loss as to how they nurture the girl child until marriage was performed and she has bee targeted at the young age. And the police who are suppose to help the girls in distress are showing indifference and wants the matter to end without flaring up. Just because of hand full of wrong doers, the society, the state and the government get brutally blamed and the police has to take immediate action to give justice to the girl.
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    It's painful and there is no proper word to express my anguish over the barbaric incident. Such incidents are increasing on a regular basis and the reason is harsh punishments are not meted out to the perpetrators of such crimes. Remember the Nirbhaya gang rape? That brutal incident happened in 2012 and after much dilly-dallying, the convicts were hanged this year only. It took such a long time to punish the culprits. There are many cases where it is found that the culprits have a tacit understanding with the police force and even with politicians and for those cases, punishment is delayed further and not so harsh. For all such crimes if punishment is meted out within a couple of days then it will come down. What is quite shocking is unless there is a public outcry over such incidents the authorities don't take enough initiatives. It takes a long time to pronounce judgements and carry out the punishments and in such cases when justice is delayed it can be said that justice is denied.

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    It is a sad situation that we are not able to protect our own daughters and sisters as the rapists and other criminals are hovering here and there in the society taking advantage of any such prey in their site. There are many reasons for this but one of the prominent which comes to the mind is that there is a large number of unoccupied young people who have no job and no occupation to get their mind focussed in that and they are just passing their time in bad company and learning bad things from the criminals and history sheeter. Whether it is the large population or failure of the governance that we are not able to guide these young people in a proper channel. They are simply roaming on the streets without any purpose and are like the wild animals in the jungle searching for the vulnerable targets. Another thing is underground drug traffickers and bad elements which would earn money through evil ways and then force these youngsters to follow their path.
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    It was an unfortunate situation that the life could not be saved despite no fault of her own. This is really an unfortunate development that any point of time, at any place an innocent girl or a lady may be entrapped though the victims does not see any alarming situation prior to such an happening. Continuation of such an ugly situation would create further panic among our daughters or sisters. They would be rather cautious enough though this is the demand of the situation and among the minor girls, it will be rather a wrong massage which may affect her mental health if their problems are not addressed. Some culprits have the nexus of the politicians and hope that they will be exonerated from the charges framed by the police. We have to go long way to control such anarchy and the culprits should be awarded severe punishment so that there is no such recurrence.

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    I always repeat it that with strict laws in place the societal overhauling is required. Why don't any political parties create social marketing to improve upon our conscience? Leaders from any party would come out in the protest against the ruling one to lambast upon the law and order situation but when they come the situation only deepens for worse. The girl child grows up and is criticized for playing with boys and even if she doe she would be considered weak. And while playing if her undergarments showed up then boys will giggle and will make her fun. The more she grows the things like periods, clothes, behavior are questioned to make her a different creature and eventually to create a stereotype. The moment she breaks it the men gang starts to show her the real place. The rape is not an act it is the mindset.

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    I agree with views mentioned above. However, let me point out that unless there is a collective effort against such crimes. Nothing will change. Change requires effort from every direction. Also it is sad that even after do many years of independance. Can we truly call ourselves independant in terms of choices we make when we have such communal and caste based rot running in our backyard. This is truly a dark blot on the face of this democratic state we call our nation. The bigger question is, are you willing to remove this blot or not.

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    All the perpetrators of this heinous gang rape must be brought to justice. But it's being reported that apparently, they are being protected. Why such heinous crimes are frequently occurred, perhaps these anti-social elements don't have fear of punishment. If strict actions are taken against such culprits, they will think twice before committing any crime.

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